The Much Awaited iPhone 12 With 5G Dual Sim Is Finally Here!

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The much-awaited 5G dual Sim iPhone 12 could soon be a reality!

The iPhone 12 lineup being the first line of 5G-ready smartphones from Apple has really pushed telecom carriers to step up their pace of the fifth-generation cellular network rollout. However, up until now, a major downside with the iPhone 12 devices was that dual-SIM users were automatically reverted to LTE service.

But soon, it will no longer be the case.


Yesterday, Apple launched the first iOS 14.5 beta to developers for testing and amid a host of new features is the global support for 5G Dual-SIM mode on the iPhone 12 lineup.

Before this announcement, iPhone with 5G dual-sim support was made available only in mainland China but it will now go mainstream all over the world.

Note here that the 5G dual sim iPhone will arrive a few months later than planned, probably due to the COVID-19 pandemic. An internal Verizon presentation obtained by MacRumours had suggested that the California-based tech giant originally planned to enable 5G in Dual-SIM mode by the end of 2020 – within the first 3 months of iPhone 12 launch.

All iPhone 12 models are already equipped with dual sim capabilities – one physical SIM slot and a digital eSIM, allowing the device to be on dual SIM standby. This basically means that an iPhone user can have two lines of telecom service on one device which is useful for a host of things such as – getting data only plans while travelling abroad, having both personal and work communication lines on a single iPhone and more.

With iOS 14.5, iPhone 12 users can enjoy support for faster and superior 5G network on both lines. The software update is likely to become available at the earliest at late March 2021. Apple previously mentioned that iOS 14.5 will be released in early spring. 


Nonetheless, if you simply cannot wait to get your hands on what Apple has in store for you with the new update, a public beta will likely be released within the next few days and you can enrol yourself into that.

Now, besides the global 5G-dual SIM support enablement, as mentioned earlier, there are a host of other features which are bound to wow you as well once the 5G dual sim iPhone will be available with iOS 14.5. Here is a quick glimpse of those.

Unlock iPhone With Apple Watch

If you have a perfect ecosystem of Apple devices, you must be happy to hear this. With iOS 14.5 and WatchOS 7.4, Apple is all set to make it easier for you to unlock your device even if you are wearing a mask. A new “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature will allow the iPhone to use an unlocked and pre-authenticated Apple Watch as a secondary unlocking method.

Family Support For Apple Card

Just like 5G dual sim support, Apple will also add a new feature that will allow multiple people to use the same Apple Card account for the code in the iOS 14.5 update indicates so. This means now family members of friends can share a single Apple card.

The iPhone-maker will enable the main account holder of ‌Apple Card‌ to invite other individuals to use the ‌Apple Card‌ account, with an overview of total spending available for viewing in the Wallet app. 

Emergency Alert Settings

If you navigate to ‘Notifications’, under ‘Settings’ and scroll down to ‘Emergency Alerts’, you can tap the setting to disable an “Always Deliver” feature which will then cause emergency alerts to not play any sound when the Volume/Ringer is silenced. 

According to Apple’s code, alerts related to earthquakes, tsunamis and other similar emergency alters will still case the iPhone to sound an alarm.

While 5G dual sim iPhone is the biggest hear turner, other aforementioned notable changes in the iOS 14.5 are exciting enough. You can view the entire list of new changes here. As the world is ready to welcome 5G with open arm, and considering iPhone users are known for the early adopters of the latest tech, the iPhone 12 with 5G dual sim will accelerate the adoption of 5G worldwide. We will keep you updated on all future developments. Until then, stay tuned.


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