Taking a Business from Zero to Hero With the Help of Emerging Technologies

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Technology has now infiltrated almost every single aspect of everyday life, including how businesses are run, such as an online MBA. This type of technology is significant to businesses’ growth as it can help them connect with a broader range of customers, make more sales, cut down on their costs, and boost their efficiency. To find out more about how technology like online MBA qualifications are changing the business environment and how they will continue to do so in the future, read on about the most important technologies being used by companies today.


Owning a small business is incredibly different from running a large corporation. Technology has increased the ability of business owners and the team members that they employ to hone their skills and knowledge within their fields. This can then allow them to have a much deeper understanding of the complexities of the business world and what they need to do to ensure that their business is able to thrive. An online MBA in a management-related concentration can also allow business owners to learn how to problem-solve, lead a team of employees, and make key decisions to their business’s future. 

Although a traditional, campus-based education has always been an option, technology has allowed for a surge in people taking online MBA degrees. For instance, you have the option of taking an online MBA in a range of subjects, including concentrations in Management and Executive Leadership. Taking an online MBA allows business owners and their top employees to get the qualifications that they need for the success of their careers and their companies without having to take time away from their businesses to take the online MBA in question. This will ensure that there will be no disruption to their company during the completion of this online MBA. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence was once relegated to the future, a dream piece of technology alongside that of robotics. However, many businesses now use artificial intelligence when transitioning from a small to a medium-sized business. Artificial intelligence can reduce the cost of business operations and human error. In addition to this, AI can also replace employees, meaning that businesses do not have to pay out so much on human resources, as well as ensure that monotonous tasks such as administration can be completed automatically. They can do this through the use of sensors and automated tasks on servers, which can be programmed by business leaders. Companies can also use artificial intelligence to gather and analyze data, which can give them a better insight into their sales and customers. This can allow them to set goals that can continue to grow their business. They can do this through the use of complex algorithms that can sift through historic data and make predictions about the future. 

For businesses to introduce AI to their companies, they need to review the type of AI that could positively impact their business and then create a beta program where they can iron out any issues and ensure that their intelligence works. In many cases, businesses will need to employ the aid of an AI specialist to enable them to do this, especially since AI is a relatively new technology. 

Mobile Technology

Although you may once have had to load up a computer or laptop to access the technology that you needed, this is now not the case. Instead, mobile technology has allowed people to scroll the internet and manage their workload on the move. This has had a large impact both on how businesses are run and how they can connect with their audience. For instance, mobile tech can help to make businesses more effective by allowing employees to work remotely and to make use of their commutes. This can then drive the company to success by ensuring that the normal 9-5 workday is vanquished. 

It can also help businesses from a customer-facing perspective. For instance, businesses can create mobile apps that make it easier for customers to browse their store and to buy their products. Mobile apps can also contribute to a business’s growth as customers are more likely to shop with a store whose app they have pre-downloaded on their phone, as this can make the process quicker and simpler. 

Mobile technology can also help businesses to achieve new heights from a marketing perspective. This is because mobile voice search through systems such as Siri and Cortana has changed how customers look for certain businesses and complete their shopping. Then, companies can adapt their SEO to meet the requirements of this new search device. This includes adding questions to their keywords and ensuring that their keywords reflect speech, which can allow them to draw more customers into their sales funnel.

Digital Marketing

Apart from the evolution of online MBA qualifications, if there is one business element that has been propelled forward by technology, it is marketing. Marketing has now gone almost completely online, giving businesses the opportunity to connect with parts of their target audience that they would not have been able to reach before, such as international customers. There are many different types of digital marketing that leaders often use to advance their business, and these include search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing. Digital marketing software can often be used alongside these to manage multiple channels at once.  

Not only this, but technology such as website builders have given every business owner the opportunity to set up their own website and to grow their presence online. Website builders and hosting services allow business owners to select a pre-designed theme for their website and to go live within a few moments. Once they are set up, this website can help owners to grow their businesses by helping them to meet the competition, share information with customers, and be found by those who are searching for products like theirs. They can also use this website to measure their digital presence through the use of stats and their conversion rate. 

Cloud Computing 

Although you might use Google Drive or One Drive daily, cloud computing is not only beneficial to businesses for a single purpose. Instead, there are many ways that cloud computing can help businesses to grow. One of the top advantages of using cloud computing within a business is cloud hosting. This technology allows business owners to access copious amounts of information without managing them on an internal system. For instance, many websites and file storage systems are operated through cloud hosting. This can reduce the risk of cybercrime through encryption and external security systems, as well as ensure that business owners do not have to troubleshoot their own IT issues. In addition to this, cloud computing can help to back up important systems for businesses, such as computers and servers, ensuring that companies do not fail due to a loss of data when they have only just begun to thrive. 

However, there is no denying that file storage is an important part of cloud computing. This can allow businesses to grow by making it easy for them to share and edit data and documents between colleagues no matter what their location is. The ability to share files online can then make team collaboration much simpler. This is also more secure than having physical copies of documents, which can easily be lost or stolen because these files can be password protected. 

The IoT

The Internet of Things can be a vague and confusing technology to understand for business leaders, and yet it can help to take companies from the ground to the clouds. The most important advantage of the IoT is its ability to make companies more productive and efficient. It can do this through the use of sensors and cameras that are connected to this wider system, and that can be used to monitor your employee’s performance. 

The Internet of Things can also help to boost the customer experience by allowing for better inventory control and stock management. The technology works by sensing the movement of goods and smoothing out the problems of the buying process. This allows customers to skip queues by scanning the products that they want to buy or, in the fashion industry, by buying them straight from virtual changing rooms. This can also be used from a supply chain perspective to make sure that the right amount of products are ordered, which can lead to a reduction in wastage. 


However, the most important way technology can help businesses thrive is through e-commerce, which helps companies sell to people across the globe, rather than just within their local area. To take advantage of the benefits of this, business owners must choose an effective web hosting provider and payment processor, as well as support a range of payment options. Business owners also need to make sure that their site is easy to navigate and that it is linked to many of the channels that they market their company on. They should also consider creating an effective domain name that will lead customers to their website and think about the pricing structures and shipping costs that are suitable. In addition to this, many retailers consider investing in a fulfillment center when they start to open an e-commerce store so that they can distribute orders effectively. 

Communication and Video Conferencing

When you are operating your business as a solo entrepreneur, communication may not always be a priority unless you run a company that constantly makes direct contact with clients, such as a consultancy. However, once your business grows, communication will become more important, particularly if you have hired employees who work remotely or in different locations. Having a structure to manage communication on a growing scale will help ensure your business is a success. 

However, tech can help you to support this growth in your human resources and the communication skills that you were taught during your online MBA course. They can do this by offering a range of excellent communication options for your company. For instance, you should consider using instant messaging and group messaging applications to convey company information to your team members and to work on projects together. You might also consider downloading a video-conferencing application that can help you to stage face-to-face meetings without having to be in the same room as another person. This is similar in concept to wireless conference rooms. These are now gaining in popularity due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has changed the way in which business is conducted forever.

VR and AR 

Virtual reality and augmented reality are two technologies that are currently beginning to have a major impact on the world of business. Although you might associate them with gaming, VR and AR can help businesses to grow and thrive exponentially through their many practical uses. For instance, VR can be used for marketing purposes in that it can create virtual showrooms and experiences that can exemplify a product’s benefits and allow a captive audience to see it in action. It can also be used for training purposes, with many brands using this technology to throw their team into 4D experiences that are as close to reality as they can get them. VR and AR can also be used in terms of product design, with leaders can bring their products to life in an attempt to show an accurate depiction of the finished product that they have in mind to their manufacturers. 

Taking a business from zero to hero can be difficult at the best of times, and particularly in 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic has affected the way that businesses are run in many ways. However, technology has started to show itself as the savior of businesses this year, allowing them to continue and advance through online MBA qualifications, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce stores. By utilizing online MBA degrees and other such technologies, companies can continue to keep up with the modern world and overcome many of the challenges that may affect them in the future. 


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