Will Oppo Triple-Hinge Foldable Smartphone Change the Market Equation of Mobile Industry?

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As is pretty much the law of nature in this sector, mobile phone companies and chipmakers are expanding horizons, pushing boundaries for craft and innovation with each passing day. And Oppo’s latest tryst with design studio Nendo has all the makings of becoming a potential future rage.

The Oppo X Nendo, a slide phone with a triple hinge foldable screen, is the latest stunning new concept offering, borne out of a collaboration between Chinese smartphone giant Oppo and popular Japanese design firm Nendo. Debuting on Oppo’s Twitter feed yesterday, features of the new concept smartphone truly justify its tag as human-centric.

Oppo Triple Foldable Slide Phone

Packed in with a 7-inch vertically-oriented display when opened fully, at first glance itself, the design offers much more versatility as compared to a similar device in the vein of a Z Flip or the Motorola Razr. As the design concept is one of having three folds, pulling open each new fold is like unraveling a different proposition.

The first fold of the Oppo triple foldable phone reveals an ample 40mm display, enough for performing quick tasks such as checking out important notifications. The second fold uncovers a broader 80mm display, which could be more than handy for messaging and indulging in a little selfie spree. At last, the third unfold brings up the entire display, now allowing the user to perform functions like multitasking, gaming, watching videos, all the while providing a singularly fun experience.

What is stupefying is that the Oppo X Nendo phone looks like any other normal foldable device to the naked eye, but the design is such that it also adds a hinge halfway down the display. With one and one below the halfway point, this placing is what allows the phone to the room to open into thirds. It can also double up as a bedside clock and fit into the palm as a credit card! Go figure.

Oppo slide phone’s new design allows the user to play around granularly with the screens, and adapt it as per their wishes. It also boasts three cameras on the back and a dedicated stylus on the phone to boot. With a solid blend of functionality and convenience, many excited users have lauded the offering’s smart, smaller footprint, which could indeed be offering a peek at the future of the foldables.

With the stellar piece of design work, Oppo and Nendo have also worked on a combo “music-link” concept, which consists of a pair of wireless earbuds with other assorted accessories, including a smartwatch, AI speaker, portable charger, and a wireless charger.

All this looks interesting, but could the launch of the Oppo triple foldable phone really usher in a new breed of smartphones in the near future?

Threefold the Way Ahead?

Motorola took the first dip in the pond, debuting in the sector in November 2019 with the clamshell-like Moto RAZR. However, Samsung’s launch of the Galaxy Z Flip in February this year proved to be the real game changer due to which the Korean giant now sits atop the foldable segment food chain. The Z Flip’s popularity spawned several others like the Huawei Mate Xs, Galaxy Note 20 among others to follow suit in this unique segment.

Rivals Shaping Up For the Rollout

Reading between the lines, the coming year could be the one where foldable phones will finally get to dazzle the market. Even though devices like the Royole FlexPai and Samsung Galaxy Fold were quickly commercialized last year, the race in the foldable territory is set to get tighter. Other OEMs like Huawei and Motorola have already put their hats in the fray with Mate X and Razr, respectively.

If conjectures around the smartphone world are to be believed, brands like Google are expected to join in, with rivals Xiaomi and Vivo also mulling their next moves. Samsung is slated to introduce three models, out of which one may be the Galaxy Z Flip 3. OPPO is expected to have a rollicking second half in 2021, with plans to roll out four models, which may include the Oppo X 2021 too.

Coming back, as pulsating as the designs may be, they are only concepts. With enough time, they may come into production, surely. For now, users will have to wait with bated breath for 2021, for the evolution of the smartphone with the foldables is underway.

Stay tuned for more updates. Also, let us know your take on this upcoming Oppo slide phone with a triple hinge foldable screen.


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