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Samsung Takes A Dig At Their Rival: New Commercial Mocks Apple’s Tagline


Samsung and Apple for long has been at each other’s throats for dominating the smartphones’ domain. However, with one of its recent commercial, Samsung might just have crossed the line this time.

Samsung’s Dutch arm in its latest ad takes a very literal dig at the Apple. It portrays a graffiti artist strike off the word ‘different’ from Apple’s tagline ‘Think Different’ and change it to Think ‘Bigger’ instead. The person is then shown to pause and take a picture of the revised motto on his Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, albeit keeping his identity anonymous.

Now, there could be multiple interpretations of this particular commercial. However, the glaringly obvious one is that the Korean smartphone manufacturer believes Apple has lately been thinking small and not delivering on their late founder Steve Jobs’s formulated ideology.

Not too long ago, when Apple announced that they would omit a wall pin-charger with their iPhone 12, Samsung took the opportunity to ridicule its rival for that as well.

In a tweet, Samsung’s Latin American handle wrote how their Galaxy series of smartphones still include basic accessories such as a wall charger besides being packed with multiple lucrative features.

Source: Entrepreneur.com

Perhaps another explanation for the recent offensively bold commercial could be that Samsung wants to let consumers know that the iPhone maker is still far behind in terms of introducing newer and bolder products and features into the market.

The Mobile Marketing Manager of Samsung Netherlands Gerben van Walt Meijer, in a statement regarding this commercial, said that their products and services have always been offbeat and innovative so that they entice consumers to use them and make their every life both exciting and easier.

Now, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is undoubtedly exciting. That being said, there’s still a lot of confusion among both consumers and industry folks alike about how the device’s exorbitant price tag of $1,999 is justified for making lives ‘easier’.

Also, the question that arrives here is, why did Samsung take digs at their rival’s newly launched iPhone 12 if they believe theirs superior and truly an innovative product? Why must Samsung resort to throwing shade on Apple to make consumers choose them instead?

Those answers indeed will remain unanswered for now but if there’s one thing that the Korean tech giant shouldn’t take lightly is the fact that Apple’s lawyers can very easily swoop down on them in an instant and sue them for a humongous amount.

So, one could say that it would make sense for Samsung to tread carefully from here onwards if they wish to steer clear of writing checks to their rival. After all, the brunt of paying $539 million to Apple for patent retrial back in 2018 is something that one doesn’t forget that easily.

What new controversy will Samsung’s marketing give wind to going forward is anybody’s guess right now. Nonetheless, it is quite clear that they won’t be stopping anytime soon despite it being in their best of interests. We will keep you updated on all future developments. Until then, stay tuned!



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