Most Successful Tech Vlogs on Instagram You Must Take A Cue From To Promote Your Brand

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There is no denying that successful tech vloggers can boost the visibility of a brand on Instagram. Today, Instagram is among the most effective social media networks for engagement.

With more than 1 billion monthly active users (MAUs) on the platform, Instagram is the most popular mobile-only photo and video sharing platform on the internet today.

A brand can effectively use this platform to connect with the right followers. Instagram is simple, visual, and capable of attracting younger users. If you’re looking for an Instagram influencer to help you promote a tech product, consider the most successful vlogs on Instagram. 

A short video on Instagram can do wonders for your brand or product when posted on the right vlog. It can cut through tech jargon and simplify complicated ideas. Even before you consider to kick off paid campaigns or buy Instagram followers, you could have people searching for your brand or products already. And the best way to get that done is Instagram vlogs.

Here are the most successful tech vlogs on Instagram that you may want to check out when promoting your brand. 

Marques Brownlee (@mkbhd)

Marque Brownlee stands out among the major social media tech influencers. He can be described as a geek that has become an internet personality. Over 2.2 million people follow his Instagram vlog. He also has around 9.67 subscribers on YouTube. Marques posts short videos in which he reviews some of the hottest techs that hits the market. This is the vlog to follow to stay updated on the latest technology in the market. 

Talk WiD Tech (@talkwidtech) 

This vlog unpacks difficult technology concepts with illustrations and demonstrations. Talk WiD Tech’s goal is to simplify technology concepts. The vlog makes even the most complex technical concepts easier for most people to understand. Over 205,000 individuals follow this technology vlog. Talk WiD Tech features fascinating tech photographs and impressive videos. In those videos, the vlog provides info that is easy for followers to comprehend as their descriptions. 

Adobe (@Adobe) 

Adobe runs this Instagram vlog. The firm specializes in the development of creativity software. Some of the products from this tech company include Illustrator and Photoshop. Adobe vlog features amazing videos about emerging technologies. It empowers creativity by showcasing impressive photography and great artwork. More than one million people follow this vlog. 

Unbox Therapy (@unboxtherapy) 

Most people are fascinated by the idea of learning how the new technology works. However, some people are just interested in learning what is hot in the market. They are determined to find out what they are getting for every coin they spend. That’s precisely where this vlog helps. Lewis Hilsenteger is the brain behind this Instagram vlog. He reviews the latest tech products in the market. Over 2.2 million people follow his Instagram account. His simple approach of explaining the key features of the latest tech products in the market has made Instagram vlog very popular. 

NVIDIA AI (@nvidiaai) 

NVIDIA AI is not just another Instagram influencer with a large social following. Some people need details from the real manufacturers of tech products. That’s where this Instagram vlog from a big technology company comes in. NVIDIA AI can be described as a flourishing Instagram vlog. NVIDIA Corporation runs this Instagram account. This tech company provides information about researchers and startups that employ AI to develop future-oriented products. 5,913 individuals follow vlog. It’s full of amazing tech videos that share fascinating facts about emerging technologies. 

Austin Evans (@austinnotduncan) 

This is a popular vlog run by Austin Evans. This tech geek is known for using Instagram and other social media networks to review, describe, and showcase Smartphones and PCs, among other tech items. He has more than 456,000 people following him on Instagram. However, he shines more on his YouTube channel because he has more than 3.92M subscribers. Evans employs eye-catching and bold colors and close-up images to demonstrate, illustrate, and review tech gadgets. 

Made with Code (@madewithcode) 

The goal of most Instagram technology vlogs is to inform followers and educate them. However, some tech vlogs are just for inspiring followers. That’s precisely what Made with Code is all about. This account is simply a product from Google. It’s aimed to inspire young women or girls to venture into the coding world. The creation of this vlog is a great idea because the coding and tech realms are seen as a world of men. In most large tech companies, the percentage of the female workforce is less than 30. More than 101,000 people follow this Instagram vlog. It features content that inspires women to venture into the coding world. 

Judner Aura (@uravgconsumer) 

Judner Aura describes himself as “just a guy” who is expressing his opinion on technology. He focuses on reviewing tech gadgets. The goal is to explain tech products to mostly the average consumers using an easy to comprehend language. Judner is a popular influencer on Instagram in the technology world. However, he is more successful on YouTube, just like most tech influencers on Instagram. Over 296,000 people follow his Instagram vlog. However, his channel on YouTube is followed by over 2.63 million people. 

Sara Dietschy (@saradietschy) 

It’s no secret that men have dominated the technology industry for years. However, some female influencers have decided to venture into it. Sara Dietschy is an example of such Instagram influencers. Her Instagram vlog has more than 135,000 followers. More than 540,000 individuals have subscribed to her channel on YouTube. What’s more, Sara hosts a podcast called The Creative Life. She talks about business people and artists in this podcast. 

Safwan Ahmedmia (@supersaf) 

Safwan Ahmedmia is known as Supersaf. His Instagram vlog covers more than tech. It features content related to technology and lifestyle, as well as, travel. This mix has earned him over 281,000 Instagram followers. Safwan has more than 1.42 million people that have subscribed to his YouTube channel. Some of the technology content features in his Instagram vlog include reviews and side-by-side comparisons and unboxings. 

The Bottom Line

Influencer marketing has undoubtedly gained momentum. If looking for vlogs where you can promote a service or product in a short Instagram video, you should find an influencer that has a significant following. Individuals that follow tech vlogs on Instagram are interested in the latest technology. Thus, they are highly likely to purchase products that appear in tech vlogs. Consider these tech vlogs on Instagram if you want to have a product featured on videos that will most likely be watched by more people. 


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