The Jaw-Dropping Discount on iPhone 11 Is Finally Here, And You Must Not Miss It

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The discount on iPhone 11 can never be as alluring as this one.

Gone are the days when you needed to save year-long or pay in EMI instalments to get your hands on an Apple iPhone!

You can now get yourself iPhone 11 for less than the price of OnePlus 8 Pro. Yes, you read that correctly. How?

Well, Amazon India recently gave everyone a sneak peek or a teaser via a poster on what’s to come during their Great Indian Festival Sale which starts from 16 and the rest speaks for itself!

The banner doesn’t entirely reveal the exact price. However, one can easily understand that the discount on iPhone 11 64GB variant during the upcoming Amazon’s online sale will make it possible to buy iPhone 11 for Rs 49,999 if not less.

Currently in India, the 64 GB variant of iPhone 11 is priced at Rs 68,300. Thus, this offer is of massive value to all the Apple fans in the country. All the more, once this discount of Rs 18,300 gets paired with possible cashback or instant additional discount offers from credit/debit cards or e-wallets which make their debut in the sale, it gets even better.

As there’s definitely no other retail outlet or e-commerce marketplace which can match Amazon’s Great Indian Sale, consumers who have long been wanting to get an iPhone for the first time or were waiting for the launch of iPhone 12 will be considering this option.

Now, the question that arrives here is – whether it’s a good deal or not?

Buying Apple iPhone 11 Now: Is It A Good Deal?

Some of you may have a second thought about iPhone 11 considering the successor is around the corner. It is confirmed that Apple will launch the new iPhone 12 on October 13, 2020. Rumours are making rounds that the company is planning to introduce four variants of iPhone 12 this time, including the cheapest iPhone 12 Mini, which could be price tagged with approx Rs 60,000 in India.

Considering that Apple neither offers nor allows marketplaces or retailers to offer any direct discount on the latest range of iPhone, iPhone 12 Mini will be significantly expensive than discounted price of iPhone 11.

Even if one sets aside the most apparent lucrative discount Amazon India is providing, it is still an excellent deal. Anyone who can get their hands on this device from Amazon’s much-awaited online sale, they will be entitled to all software updates for the next 4-5 years minimum.

Therefore, if anyone was hoping to wait around for the launch of the new device, even they might consider this to be a good enough deal to snatch right away.

Apple’s iPhone 11 comes equipped with some power-packed features.

It has a Liquid Retina LCD panel of 6.1-inch. The device enables Spatial audio via Dolby Atmos and is powered by Apple’s A13 Bionic chip.

If you’re a hardcore Apple fan, you already know its supposedly the fastest smartphone processor out there in the market. But that’s not all. According to reports iPhone 11 has 4GB RAM and a bigger battery cell of 3,190 mAh.

To top it all off, the camera of the device has dual sensors of 12 MP which helps its users capture both wide and ultra-wide shots. There’s an equally powerful front camera for selfies as well. Apple iPhone 11 comes with a ‘TrueDepth’ 12MP front camera along with Face ID.

Now, if you are someone who has long wanted to have a smartphone from Apple’s much-coveted and premium range of iPhone devices, but stayed away because of its exorbitant price, then this might be one of your best chances till date to grab one.

Also, you might want to get used to lower prices from Apple going forward. After the tech giant unveiled its online store in India recently, speculations suggest there will definitely be some price-drops in the future!



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