5 Common IT Infrastructure Management Issues You Must Resolve Today!

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Your IT infrastructure supports your entire operation, but there are many struggles departments have difficulty identifying and overcoming. One of the biggest challenges IT infrastructure management faces is implementing solutions without disrupting the existing workflow.

The components of your IT infrastructure are diverse, and you may find that certain elements are more relevant to your business than others. But every infrastructure needs to continually review three things: their servers, storage and security protocols. Take a look at five of the most common IT infrastructure issues as well as some of the best infrastructure monitoring tools that can help you resolve them.

Limited Availability for Newer Technology

Technology can change so rapidly that a system can become completely unstable and obsolete within five years. Annual reviews, continued education and training can ensure your staff is aware of what needs to be done to keep your business up-to-date. Supercomputers are best for powering enterprise-level systems, but these aren’t a viable option for every organization. The solution lies in upgrades that utilize stronger graphics processing or multi-core processors. Many upgrades cost less than full replacements, and you can optimize systems with less expensive improvements without spending a fortune or drastically increasing your consumption rates.


Poor Data Management

Data solutions make up a large portion of the most relevant infrastructure issues IT managers face today. Cloud migration and efficient monitoring can be time-consuming and delay important changes; without the best technology, low- to mid-level performance computers can cause data storage to become slow and negatively affect the entire system.

Poor Connectivity

Greater client demands require more data to be processed efficiently, but a limited budget, poor connectivity and faulty networks can make this a massive challenge. Networks must be continually monitoring and optimized to ensure they’re able to meet demands without sacrificing response times or jeopardizing security. Improving network architecture and implementing traffic monitoring software can help reduce the severity of these infrastructure issues for both IT staff and users. Adopting elastic IP addresses can also help transfer all of your on-site network addresses to an AWS account. This gives you greater control over connections and the ability to manage and redirect IPs easily.


Scaling operations can be difficult for IT infrastructure monitoring, as business growth requires IT expansion as well, but overconsumption can also be crippling when needs drop or usage declines. Integrating saleable infrastructure monitoring software will ensure that your system responds to your evolving needs; you can fluidly transition from more to less consumption and adapt your technology as needed. Routine collaboration and update reports between business leaders and IT managers can make scaling operations timelier.

Limited Budget

Technical troubles aside, IT infrastructure issues are also impacted by a company’s ability to pay for the best services and monitoring tools. Power consumption, data storage and infrastructure costs need to be prioritized; being fully aware of the systems needs is the first step toward identifying the most essential expenses. From there, identifying ways to scale down applications to meet budget constraints can become easier. Seeking out dynamic tools and servers with adaptive packages can help strike a greater balance between functionality and cost.


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