Google Verified Calls Feature Reveals Why A Business Is Calling You!

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Move over every other Caller ID app! Guess who’s launching their very own ‘Verified Calls’ feature on its phone app in India? It’s Google itself!

In an official announcement, Google has confirmed that they are bringing much-coveted caller ID feature to India along with rolling out in the US, Mexico, Brazil and Spain starting today.

The Verified Calls feature by Google has been designed to let you know all the necessary details of a business which is calling you. The calls which will be compatible with this feature will show you the company or business’s name, logo, a verified badge, and the reason for calling.


This Verified Calls feature will be integrated with the Google Phone app, comes preloaded on Pixel and most Android phones.

However, if you do not currently own a Pixel or Android One device, there’s still a good enough chance you can get your hands on this feature. Google has let it know that they will make it available for download on a ‘limited’ set of additional phones which are running Android Pie and higher.

This would include flagship handsets from Samsung and LG as well. Every compatible smartphone will be able to get the Google called ID app from the Play Store and then set it as their default calling app.

Google Verified Calls: Biggest Cherry On Top

The most enticing feature that could make smartphone users abandon every other Caller ID app and switch to Google’s verified calls is the ‘reason to call’. Undoubtedly, the primary concern of every call receiver is the reason why a business entity dialling him. With the ‘reason to call’ feature on a significant number of wanted and unsolicited calls can easily be avoided.

Basically, when using this particular app, you will know perfectly when it is absolutely necessary for you to drop everything that you are doing to pick up a call and when it’s not.


For example, if you are in a meeting and your bank calls you about a possible unauthorised transaction, you would definitely want to excuse yourself to take the call. However, if the same bank is calling you to check if you require an upgraded credit card, maybe you’d want to not consider it urgent.

Considering the rising number of automated marketing calls from generic numbers, Google Verified Call feature is life and time saver for billions of smartphone users.

Apart from this, the verified badge is another reason to switch from other basic Caller ID apps as well.

Google noted that it is especially very beneficial for businesses as their customers are more likely to pick up their call when they see the business is verified and legit.

To support their claims, the Alphabet-owned company quoted their trails of the feature from Bazil back in June wherein they observed a significant increase in the likelihood of customers answering calls from businesses. Note here that Google, however, didn’t share any specific numbers.

The tech behemoth also believes that an increase in consumer trust was observed after they released their Verified SMS feature last year and thus they are hoping this new feature will help them inch forwards towards helping small businesses stand out more prominently. 

Now, it remains to be seen if Verified Calls from Google can knock out competitors such as Truecaller. Let us know your thoughts about the same and also tell us if you are willing to try this feature out for yourself. We will keep you updated on all future developments. Until then, stay tuned.


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