Work From Home Jobs In India: 3X Increase In Hiring

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The global pandemic has forced almost every industry and company to revisit its operational strategy. The sudden increase in work from home jobs in India is one of the clear signals that companies are actively exploring options they were not comfortable with until the beginning of this year.

According to the latest report from Job portal, in the last few months, the hiring for work from home jobs in India has increased by 3X as compared to the pre-covid era.

As the novel Coronavirus caused the nationwide lockdown in the last few months, companies were left with no other option but to allow employees to work from home. However, companies were quick to learn that the greater flexibility and better control over personal and professional lives has a positive impact on employees daily performance.

Besides, companies have also started realising that the current scenario that demands a great degree of social distancing is far from over anything soon. Hence, remote working is going to stay here at least for some more time. In the last few months the number of work-from-home jobs has increased by 7x in applications as compared to pre-Covid era.

Hiring for remote jobs too has seen a robust growth and has increased by three times as compared to pre-Covid levels this year,” according to the report by leading job portal

The demand for work from home has been increasing constantly since the beginning of April this year. As a result, the percentage contribution of work from home jobs to the overall jobs listing has increased by 4x in 2020 compared to the previous year.

Professionals have also realised the severity of the situation and the need of the hour. As a result, ‘Work from Home’ keywords was among the top three most searched key phrase on in the last five months.

Interestingly, job profiles which used to be traditional on-ground office-based roles until the beginning of this year are also changed. Sales professionals, business development and customer care support executives are being recruited for work from home as well.

ITES and BPO sectors, together, account for nearly half of work from home jobs posted on the IT-software, education/teaching and internet/e-commerce contribute to another quarter of work-from-home jobs.

Experts believe that the surge in work from home jobs in India also the result of companies cost-cutting measures taken recently. A sizeable percentage of work from home jobs are offered either on an assignment-based or part-time basis. This is helping companies reduced salaried workforce. Just last week we reported that 50 lacks salaried employees lost their jobs in the month of May.

In fact, another report from indicates that companies are willing to pay more for work from home as compared to the payment for WFH openings listed before Covid19 bought the complete world to a grinding halt.


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