Planning To Buy iPhone XR, iPhone 11 Pro At Best Price? Not Before You Read This!

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Attention Apple fans! If you have been saving up or looking forward to getting your hands on the iPhone XR, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max then wait till to read this.

According to a tech media report, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) might just discontinue all the aforementioned models from September. Shocked? So are we! Let’s get to know why.

The report, by quoting a Twitter handle @iAppleTimes, mentions how the iPhone SE 2020 is a far more superior alternative to the current iPhone XR. Thus, Apple could very well choose to do away with the latter instead of decreasing its price once again.

As the company is gearing up for the launch of iPhone 11 successor, the company have planned to discontinue iPhone 11 Pro models in a bid to boost the sales of iPhone 12 models.

Though this particular reasoning is completely speculative as of now, Apple did pull a similar move in the past. Last year, when the company released iPhone 11 series, they quickly discontinued the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Even in 2018, at the time of launching iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, Apple abruptly discontinued the predecessor iPhone X.

Undoubtedly, such moves have a direct impact on the price of iPhone that gets discontinued within a year. As Apple is known to launch the new iPhone either at the same price as its predecessor or with marginal appreciation, the price drop in the year-old iPhone becomes inevitable. Consumers not only find more value for money in the latest iPhone but also get discouraged from buying an iPhone that no longer makes heads turned.

Though Apple is known to support all of iPhones launched in the latest few years, the availability of a new iPhone with the latest specification has a direct impact on the demand and price of a year-old iPhone.

All of it has a direct impact on the resales value of just a year old iPhone as well. With the discontinued tag, the resales market price of such iPhones generally gets depreciated by an additional 15% – 25%.

To put the thing in perspective, the trade-in price of iPhone XS, launched in 2018 summer, depreciated by 43% within 9 months. Similarly, the trade-in price of iPhone XS Max, launched at the same time, decreased by 39% within the same period. But that was not all; after Apple announced the discontinuation of iPhone XS models after the launch of iPhone 11, an additional 10% – 15% decline was reported in the trade-in price of iPhone XS. Overall, the trade-in price of a just a year-old iPhone tanked by over 50%.

As the announcement of iPhone 12 is just a few weeks away, and reports about Apple’s plan to discontinue iPhone 11 Pro series are already making rounds on the internet, the steep decline in the trade-in price of iPhone 11 pro is inevitable.

Investing $999 (₹ 90,000) in iPhone which is bound to see a steep price decline in just a few months is definitely not an informed decision one can take. Based on the previous trade-in price decline of iPhone X and iPhone XS series, and also considering the fact that Apple could launch iPhone 12 almost at the same price as its predecessor, our analysts believe that the trade-in price of iPhone 11 pro series would be hovering $499 by December this year.

All said and done, buying an iPhone 11 Pro doesn’t seem to be a well-calculated move when you can get hold of the latest technologies at the same price within a span of a few weeks. However, for a few people, the wait could be a little longer as Apple could delay the launch of the iPhone 12.

COVID-19 To Delay Launch Of iPhone 12?

We might just be able to catch a glimpse of the new iPhone 12 in the month of September if all goes well. However, there have been some sources who are indicating otherwise.

For instance, according to another media report, the Cupertino-based smartphone manufacturer is running out of time to find solutions and therefore the launch could very well be pushed post the month of September – the time of the year when a new iPhone is launched.

In the report, sources have claimed Apple engineers, all thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic, have not yet finalised the device components with their Chinese vendors for the upcoming series. 

Now, the whole product planning process is in ruins and therefore the launch event can be delayed to give the engineers some more breathing room to wrap up their work.

The report also noted that Apple usually begins the production of its new models in the summer. Its the time of the year when their core engineers travel to China for monitoring the product development process. This time, however, with the pandemic, they definitely lost this opportunity as well which further adds why Apple could most certainly delay the launch.

We would like to know what’s your take on buying an iPhone 11 Pro at the time when the successor, offering the latest processor, upgraded camera, better battery performance and a lot many jaw-dropping features, could be just a weeks – or few months in worst case – away. Do let us know your views in the comment section bvelow.


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