29.7 Billion Spam Calls, 8.5 Billion Spam Messages In India In 2019: Truecaller

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Do you get annoyed by the spam calls in the peak hours of the day? 

If you are a Truecaller user and find the application to be quite useful in blocking the spam calls and SMS, then you should know about this excellent feature the company has announced that displays every data and information on the spam call! 

On Wednesday, Truecaller, the popular freeware caller ID application announced that the number of spam calls in India increasing at an alarming rate. The company had identified 29.7 billion spam calls and 8.5 billion spam messages that were received by Android phone users in the year 2019.

Every year Truecaller releases a ‘Year in Calling’ report that signifies the statistics about the usage of the app across various countries and demographics. 

Truecaller has a whopping 240 million monthly active users globally. In India alone, it has been actively used by 170 million smartphone users every month. That is about 70.83% of its whole user base. It is also the 10th most visited website in India.

With the increasing number of smartphone users and internet penetration, the number of spam calls and spam messages in India is on a constant rise.

Stockholm based Swedish company has recently rolled out a new spam activity tracker or indicator on Android users to provide factual statistics on the spammer, and to facilitate safe and effective communication across the world.

This spam indicator comes with three different kinds of reports on a particular spammer. When the user clicks on the profile image of the spam call, they will be be provided with,

  1. Spam Reports
  2. Call Activity
  3. Peak Calling Hours of the Spammer

Where in future updates these statistics would be visible even on the caller ID, so the users could know the details of the call before picking up. As an initiative, it is first rolled out to Android users, but the company has assured that it will be rolling out the spam indicator feature to iPhones also in the coming weeks.

Now, let’s look into the three trendy reports on the new spam identifier!

Spam Reports

This exclusive report provides information on the number of times that particular spammer number was marked as spam by the users. And reveals whether the spam percentage is increasing or decreasing by its previous records.

Call Activity

This is a crucial report that indicates the users on the number of spam calls made by that particular spammer recently. That deliberately shows the intensity of the spammer or the spam call.

Peak Calling Hours of the Spammer

This is a time chart that signifies on what time of the day the spammer is active and generating spam calls.

Curious to know about the spammers statistics in India?

By the last report, India ranks fifth in terms of spam calls received by users every month and ranks eighth in terms of spam messages. Though India dropped to the fifth position according to the statistics, the spam calls increased by 15% over the year, as said by Truecaller. 

The biggest surprise of the report came from the form of spammer.

The company also revealed that mobile operators are the terrible spammers along with emerging fintech companies, insurance companies and other telemarketing services across the country. 

Besides, Truecaller curated a separate report on nuisance calls for women, where it indicates its critical findings that 8 out of 10 women in India receive nuisance or inappropriate spam calls or SMS.

The company has also facilitated a way for the app users to stay safe and secure from fraudsters by flagging in red on the spammer’s number. The feature not only helps the users who indicate fraudsters but also millions of other app users who could be notified when they receive a call from those fraudsters.

In 2018, the company recorded an outstanding growth of 300% in just one year in India. Last year as well, the company successfully replicated the success and backed itself by in-app advertising and freemium app as a revenue model.


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