India Smartphone Shipments In Q2 2020 Declined 51% To Just 18 Million Units!

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The smartphone shipments in India is badly affected by the nationwide outbreak of Coronavirus in Q2 2020. The pandemic which bought the individuals and businesses to standstill has got a huge impact on consumers buying preferences of smartphones.

According to the latest report from CounterPoint Research, one of the leading research firms, the smartphone shipments in India tanked 51% YoY in Q2 2020. Overall only 18 million smartphones were shipped, way below than 37 million units of smartphones that were reportedly shipped during the same period a year ago.

Almost every leading smartphone manufacturers faced the heat from the month-long nationwide lockdown in mid Q2 2020 which affected the overall sales of smartphones. However, all the top smartphone manufacturers held their ground by having a marginal growth in shipment share.

The top three smartphone manufacturers in India strengthened their market presence further. They accounted for 72% of the total smartphone shipments in Q2 2020, a significant increased of 7% point from the year ago quarter.

Xiaomi’s smartphone shipment share swell to 29% in Q2 2020 from 28% in the year-ago quarter. Similarly, Samsung also reported margin growth in its quarterly shipments share that went up to 26% from 25%. But it is the performance of Vivo that has surprised many. Despite all odds, the company accounted for a larget share of the quarter smartphone shipments in Q2 2020. Vivo’s shipment share increased to significantly to 17% from 12% reported in the year-ago quarter.

RealMe and Oppo also strengthened their market presence in India as their contribution to the quarter smartphone shipments went up marginally to 11% and 9%, respectively, in Q2 2020.

The growth of all the top five smartphone manufacturers in India came at the cost of comparatively smaller players. The report depicts that the contribution of the ‘Others’ to the smartphone shipments in Q2 2020 declined drastically, from 18% in Q2 2019 to just 8% in Q2 2020.

The ongoing tussle between and India and China has a clear impact on smartphone shipments in India as well. As India is adamantly and actively imposing various restrictions and ban on Chinese companies and apps, Indians have started distancing away from Chinese products to show their solidarity. Consequently, the shipment share of Chinese smartphone manufacturers in India declined to 72% in Q2 2020 from 81% during the same period a year ago.


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