Freshers Job Not A Distant Dream: TCS To Hire 40,000 Freshers!

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During the ongoing testing times, jobs for freshers in the IT sector has almost dried off. However, in sharp contrast to the trend, TCS is planning to strengthen its workforce by hiring 40,000 freshers for its Indian facilities.

Companies are actively cutting corners and employees are facing the burnt of the business slowdown in almost every developed and developing market. Amidst such a situation, it’s quite surprising to learn about any new job opportunity for freshers.

Despite the revenue decline In Q1 FY’21 TCS is willing to go ahead with the plan of hiring freshers in India as well as in the US. The company is expecting to double the hiring for the US campus this year. The strategy to hire 2,000 employees for the US campus is being seen as an effort to reduce the dependence on H1-B and L-1 work visas, which is increasingly becoming challenging for all the Indian tech companies operating in the US.

TCS seems to be quite optimistic about the market revival, sooner than expected. The company is expecting that the market will start recovering from the second half of the year and the job portals would be, once again, flooded with the listing of job opportunities for freshers. Hence, unlike many other companies, the strategy of TCS to build from the bottom hasn’t changed, albeit the figures of freshers hiring may vary by 5% – 10%.

In the US, TCS is planning to hire freshers along with engineers. Top Business Schools in the US are already engaging with the company to fulfill the demand. TCS has, so far, hired over 20,000 Americans for its US operations since 2014.

The top management of the company, however, is not very happy with the decision of Donald Trump in regard to H1-B Visa. In a bid to create more employments for Americans first, the US president has recently passed an executive order on the suspension of H1-B Visa which allows foreign nationals to work in the US. India is expected to face the maximum impact as about two-third of the Via Holders in the US are Indians.

Many homegrown US companies, such as Microsoft and Amazon, are already protesting against the decision. However, given to the current unemployment situation and shaken economic conditions in the US, companies have slowly working in the direction to abide by the new norms to keep their operations smooth.

TCS also stated that despite all the tough economic situation, due to the pandemic, TCS has honored all the 40,000 job offers made last year. The training of those freshers is already going on and they are expected to join the company by the end of July.

“Some 8,000 to 11,000 recruits undertake online assessments every week. Over 8,000 fresher recruits completed one or more digital certifications before joining”, TCS EVP & global HR head Milind Lakkad said.

He also mentioned that besides hiring freshers, the company is also in the process of hiring 100 senior professionals for various roles in the organization.

The company is reportedly working on upgrading its infrastructure and processes suitable to work from home. As the company is aiming to have 75% of its workforce working from home by 2025, it’s essential that all the issues and challenges, related to work-from-home must be ironed out until then.


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