Apple Strictly Warns Users Against Camera Covers!

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Apple users must not cover MacBook camera!

It all started a few years back when Mark Zuckerberg was spotted covering his laptop camera for security reasons. Users were quick to speculate the reasons behind and the most prominent was to avoid unauthorised access of camera and mic of the laptop by hackers and various apps.

Since then internet is flooded with various debates on keeping laptop camera and mic covered to ensure that no app or platform could secretly access it and invade your privacy – Apple is not buying the idea though.

Apple has warned users about covering camera of Macbook laptops. The company has clarified that such attempt not only interfere with the built-in laptop sensors but also damages the display of MacBook laptops.

Apple has released the statement after the numerous complaints reported recently by users who tried to cover their MacBook camera for privacy reasons and ended up smashing the devices.

Apple has explained the cause of damages in detail and strictly warns users to refrain from making any such attempt to cover camera of Mac notebooks.

“If you close your Mac notebook with a camera cover installed, you might damage your display because the clearance between the display and keyboard is designed to very tight tolerances. Covering the built-in camera might also interfere with the ambient light sensor and prevent features like automatic brightness and True Tone from working”, Apple said in that statement.

This leads to the question “How users can protect themselves from such unauthorised access?”

There is a better way to do that!

Apple has explained that instead of applying covers on camera to protect your identify and kill the attempt of personal data stealing, users must pay attention to indicators places next to the camera in MacBook notebooks.

Apple Laptops are designed in a way that whenever any app or service starts accessing the camera, the green light places next to it will get switched on. The indicator is a clear signal that your camera is in active mode and is being accessed. MacBook users have an option to decided which all apps can access their MacBook camera by going through System Preferences.

Apple advocates that users must refrain from applying any kind of cover – hard or soft – on the camera or MacBook screen. The only attention users need to pay to is an indicator, which is designed to warn users whenever their MacBook camera is being accessed.

The global outbreak of Covid-19 has forced companies and employees to work from home. As employees are accessing and discussion about sensitive and important business matters over their not-so-secure home network, measures like covering camera and mic is one of those precautionary measures employed by users. In fact, many security experts have also advised that people must stay away from Laptops, smart speakers and many other IoT devices while having a discussion about sensitive matters – personal or professional.


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