Apple iPhone Has A Serious Technical Issue That Is Annoying Users!

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Apple aficionados beware! It is recently learned that iPhone devices have an extremely annoying problem and Apple has confirmed it.

The issue was first spotted and reported by MacRumors which is an aggregator website for Mac and Apple-related news, rumors, and reports. iPhone users in growing numbers have started complaining about the severe battery draining problems. Guess what is causing it? It is Apple Music! Now, before you think your iPhone wouldn’t be affected by it because you aren’t subscribed to Apple Music, let us tell you it isn’t so.

It has been found out that this preinstalled Apple Music app is monopolizing battery resources regardless of you being a subscriber and is hitting iPhone devices so very badly that they are lasting only a few hours on a full charge. As of now, this problem has been acknowledged by Apple Support, however, the only workaround that they are currently offering is a full factory reset which for some is not a viable option at all.

Apart from spreading quickly, one of the biggest drawbacks of this problem is that it doesn’t seem to be contained to certain specific iPhone models. It is affecting all supported iPhone models along with some iPads across multiple iOS versions which includes including iOS 13.6 and iOS 14 betas.

Since MacRumors broke this news, Apple iPhone users in hoards started flooding Twitter, Reddit and the Support Communities forum of Apple to report this issue. One particular thread on the Apple forum grew to 11 pages with more than 500 users complaining that they are being annoyed by this problem.

If you own and use an iPhone and would like to diagnose your device for the same, you can easily do this by navigating to Settings -> Battery -> Show Activity. If you turn out to be one among the affected users then you will be able to see that Apple Music background usage is completely off the scale. 

Souce: Forbes

In terms of solutions, some users have discovered that the problem disappears if they do an iCloud reset, some have managed to get the usage back to normal by simply deleting the app while many users have reported neither of them is making a difference. Here, it needs to be said that Apple Support’s suggestion of performing a factory reset, as of right now, is one of the best possible bets to get rid of the issue however it should be used as a means of last resort. 

Currently, it is being speculated that this is a server-side issue because of the breadth of devices and iOS versions that have suddenly been struck down with this problem. Nevertheless, it is still unknown if the issue can be fixed from the server-side as well. Apple is all set to launch the iOS 13.6 within this week itself but only time will tell if they had enough time on their hands to fix this issue or if iPhone users will need to possibly wait for iOS 13.6.1 or even iOS 14.

Apple has decided to continue supporting iOS 13-compatible devices with iOS 14, thus it buys them some time to figure out how to solve this issue but the pressure is increasingly mounting for the company to explain what exactly is going on.


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