The Leaked Video Of Pixel 5 Is Quite Revealing!

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Google never stops to surprise us, and Pixel 5 is no different. A recent leaked video of Pixel 5 reveals a lot more details about the design, and it’s quite compact compared to the Google’s previous flagship smartphones.

Google Pixel 5 is still months away and the after multiple changes in the launch date of Pixel 4a, the launch date of Google’s next Pixel smartphone is anybody’s guess now. However, the internet is still flooded with all sort of rumours and speculations about the launch date, specification and price of Google Pixel 5, and Google Pixel 4a as well.

According to the latest leak by Pigtou, Google Pixel 5 would be quite similar, in terms of dimensions, to iPhone XS but slightly smaller than iPhone 11. A square bump at the top corner just like iPhone 11 to accommodate cameras and flashlight indicate that Google is quite reluctant to change its design. The leaked video of Pixel 5 shows that the design of the phone is quite similar to its predecessor Google Pixel 4. The new design has pretty thick and symmetrical black bezels on the front and rounded edges, similar to previous models.

The USB-TypeC port is placed at the bottom of Google Pixel 5, with the peculiar Pixel speaker grilles that look like cutouts.

If you were among the ones expecting the in-display fingerprint sensor, you must be disappointed. Google continued to follow the old-fashioned design of placing fingerprints sensor at the back of the phone as the company feels it’s much more convenient as compared to the front side.

The sides and back of the Pixel 5 may have various materials. Like Pixel 4, the Pixel 5 will presumably have aluminium sides and a glass back as well. However, that’s not confirmed yet.

By going through the CAD renders of Pixel 5, it’s also clear that the company has decided to ditch the headphone jack.

Specification of Pixel 5

Various rumours and leaks emerged in the last few months have claimed that Google has selected Snapdragon 765 chipset to place under the hood of Pixel 5. The rumours also claim that the device will sport 5.78-inch OLED display and QHD resolution.

While at this point the resolution of Pixel 5 can’t be confirmed but by going through the CAD renders it’s quite clear that Pixel 5 would have 5.78-inch display.

The exact camera configuration is not yet confirmed as the Pigtou claims that the company is still working on it. But given to the history of Pixel smartphones, it will be one of the best performing camera smartphones that could produce mesmerising images.

Whatever may be the camera configuration, the device will not be offering triple or quad camera setup for sure. The leaked video of Pixel 5 indicates that there would be a dual camera on its rear, along with a flash module, and a punch-hole camera on the front.

While there is no indication on the official launch date of Pixel 5 yet, Google generally launches its high-end flagship in the month of September-October. Hence, it’s safe to assume that the company would start getting things on order somewhere in the month of August-September to have it launched during the following month.


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