Ban On TikTok: Where All TikTok Stars Are Heading To?

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Does the ban on TikTok pave an excellent way for Instagram to gain the momentum in business?

Yes, as soon as the Indian government imposed the ban on late hours of June 29th, out of the panic spells the TikTok content creators went on live sessions and asked their followers to follow them on Instagram instead. Over the night, Instagram has gained the instant pitch of business. 

The ban on the Bytedance’s short video app has caused sudden panic attacks among the 1.2 million Indian content creators across the platform.

The Indian government, following the India- China border standoff, was making a serious decision on not to use Chinese products in India. One such more significant move is to impose the ban on 59 Chinese apps that were accused of tracking and stealing personal data of millions of their users in India. The government banned these apps for security concerns of the citizens. This ban includes the very popular short-video creating app TikTok that has over 119 million users in India. This particular app was giving hope, fame and livelihood for those who are not from metro cities and influential background.

Banning TikTok has led its users at the great dismay. Some hundreds and thousands of them were switching to Instagram, Youtube, Telegram and another homegrown app Chingari.

Sumit Ghosh, the co-founder of Chingari, stated that,

“The app has been clocking around 100,000 downloads every hour since then, and has over a million daily active users.”

Chingari is India’s homegrown short video app which has exact features as that of TikTok and is found to be an alternative to TikTok. It has gained over 3.5 million downloads ever since the government’s ban order. On the flip side, it seems the users have felt the features are not matching to the level of the rival TikTok. However, Ghosh had stated that his design team is making continuous efforts in replicating the filter properties along with the augmented reality features that are expected to roll out very soon on the platform.

These Tiktok creator communities are left with no hope of recouping the platform again like before. Earlier it was due to content related issue TikTok got banned for, but now it is the issue of users’ data security and patriotic reasons that made TikTok face the wrath of people nationwide. Experts believe that situation is unlikely to return back to normal anytime soon.

Not only the Indian TikTok influencers are expressing their deep anguish over the ban, but it’s also the foreign influencers who are in the deep disappointment of losing over 119 million prospective viewers from India. One American influencer also stated that he wouldn’t make any more videos on Tiktok until the ban is lifted as his videos as based on Indian songs.

India is always a lucrative international market for Chinese apps. The ban is expected to cause a substantial gloomy impact on the Chinese business scenario as India constitutes a third of its widespread Android downloads.

Instagram is an obvious choice for most of TikTok influencers as it offers much wider reach and far more convincing to brands.

Effort To Keep The inflow of Money

Moving to Instagram by all the top TikTok influencers is being seen as an effort to keep their revenue stream alive.

It is no wonder that Tiktok influencers were minting a whole lot of money from creating and publishing a sponsored video on the platform. From January 2020, the mighty advertising corporates were focusing on influencer marketing with TikTok platform to get a better reach. It is also said that the top 50 TikTok Indian influencers would charge somewhere between INR 50,000 to 70,000 for a single sponsored content.

Lakshmi Balasubramanian, the co-founder of Greenroom, an influencer marketing firm, states that for last two months the top Tiktok influencers were charging INR 3 lakhs to 4 lakhs for each sponsored short video content. As a single video campaign would get billions of views from tier 2 and tier 3 cities, brands found it much more lucrative as they cannot achieve this kind of reach on any other platform. 

Some influencers suggest that some indirect rewards for skills by their fan base would affect the said influencer economy.

As per Sensor tower, Tiktok’s daily ranking faced a sudden plunge after the ban. It had dropped from top 5 to top 200 on the social category and is expected to fall further eventually. 

India’s stringent paybacks to Chinese business economy over the conflict is expected to cost more for China. 


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