5G Revolution Is About To Begin As Cheap 5G Smartphones Will Arrive Soon

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Until right now, one of the major roadblocks for the rollout of 5G – the blazing-fast mobile internet connectivity – was its requirement of exorbitantly priced chipsets that would be able to facilitate it. However, that might not be the case anymore as there have been some interesting developments that will definitely reduce the pricing of these chipsets and bring the 5g technology to mid-range smartphones as well.

Qualcomm, a California-based leading chipset manufacturer, has recently revealed a new chipset in the Snapdragon 600 series called Snapdragon 690. This chipset comes with 5G connectivity and it is priced quite reasonable as compared to other 5G chipsets which are currently being put under the hood of high-end smartphones only.

In a statement, Qualcomm said that they are hoping to make the 5G user experiences more broadly available around the world with this new chipset which also comes packed with other important features such as on-device AI and vibrant entertainment experiences.

According to them, the smartphones which will come equipped with this new 5G enabled chipset will start rolling out in the market in the second half of 2020 and will be priced somewhere around the range of $300 to $500. LG Electronics Inc, Lenovo Group Ltd’s Motorola, and HMD Group – the owner of Nokia brand – are some of the companies which have started gearing up to use Snapdragon 690 Chipset in their upcoming smartphones.

The Snapdragon 690 Chipset: What’s In The Store?

This particular chipset from Qualcomm will be supporting 4K HDR (true 10-bit) at up to 192MP photo quality. It will also be able to handle refresh rates which goes up to 120hz. The company has claimed that the 5G connectivity, which is its main feature, will now be able to give gamers superior access to cloud-based and multi-player games anytime and from virtually anywhere.

Another reason why the Snapdragon 690 packs a punch is because it is equipped with the 5th generation Qualcomm AI Engine. This will enable advanced Artificial Intelligence-based imaging, smart camera, voice translation, and lastly AI-enhanced gaming experiences.

Now, though the pricing of the chipset alone hasn’t yet been revealed, it has to be reasonably lower than $70 as that is currently the average price point of a normal chipset which goes under the hood of currently available high-end 5G smartphones. 

It should also be noted that the 5G technology is still at its nascent stage as it hasn’t yet been able to pick up momentum in terms of penetrating the telecom markets globally. In 2019, only 18.7 million units of 5G enabled smartphones were shipped, amid which Huwaei, LG, and Vivo took the first three spots by shipping 6.9, 6.7, and 2 million units, respectively. 

Nonetheless, smartphone manufacturers are still choosing to ride this wave high by being the early adopter of 5G technology to stand out in the highly crowded and competitive market space. Despite all the challenges involved when it comes to the adoption of 5G, its infrastructure market has been valued at $1,619.61 million as of 2019 and it is being expected to reach  $29,077.45 million by 2025 by registering 53.01% CAGR, in the next five years.

Smartphone manufacturers are aggressively optimising their cost by cutting corners and also introducing new technologies without raising price of their device in the era of cut-throat competition. The new Snapdragon 5G Chipset will help companies like Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo and Oppo, to strengthen their market presence in price sensitive markets like India which is largely driven by the entry and mid-range smartphones.

We will keep you updated on all future developments. Until then, stay tuned.


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