Facebook Fake Accounts: The Inevitable Battle That May Last Forever!

Facebook blocked 1.7 billion fake accounts in Q1 2020. Despite the aggressive approach against fake and malicious accounts, it is going to be an everlasting battle that Facebook can't turn their back to. What makes Facebook the sweet spot for all malicious attackers?


For all social media platforms, battling with the growing number of scammers, hackers and all other kinds of malicious users have become a constant uphill battle. Recently, Facebook, which is the biggest and the most widely used social platform among all, revealed that they banned a whopping 1.7 billion fake accounts in the first quarter of 2020 itself. This shows how, besides the coronavirus, there seems to exist another pandemic which has spread far and wide across all across social media platforms.

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), in the report, mentioned that they were able to ban 99.7% of the total of 2.2 billion fake accounts automatically before any user intervention at all in the Q1 of 2020. That being said, it must also be observed how the menace of the creation of fake accounts has increased enormously when compared to that of Q1 2018 wherein Facebook had to ban only 583 million fake accounts in total.


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Aarzu Khan
Aarzu Khan
A full-time data scientists and a part-time industry analyst; still learning power of effective presentation and firm believer of the thought "Numbers are always magical". Love to be in the network of people who 'know' how to respect their time and keep others engaged in meaningful activities.


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