Work-from-Home Jobs Doubled: Employers Willing To Pay More

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They say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. With the nation in lockdown, insecurities have certainly threatened to overwhelm us all. However, people have slowly started to pick themselves up from their slump. In these times, work from home jobs have not only emerged as perhaps the best and only option out there but have also increased up to twofold according to recent surveys. 

Recent data and statistics from the leading job portals in the country have suggested that there has indeed been a significant increase in the number of users flocking to such sites for finding work from home. While there was always an existing demand for Work from Home, aka WFH, within the candidates, the onset on the Covid-19 pandemic has served to level the demand like no other. Recruiters are constantly exploring new ways and features to reach potential job seekers and utilize their skills for mutual benefit.

According to the latest data from, the uptake in WFH jobs has almost doubled in the latter weeks of April as compared to the first week of March. ‘WFH jobs’ is currently the second most popular keyword on the site.

Another biggie,, observed that there has been a 60% increase in the number of users landing on the portal to perform ‘WFH job’ searches.

These findings have been validated by Google Trends, which confirms a steady increase in ‘work from home’ queries recently.

Although the opportunities for WFH jobs were always high for roles such as content writing, design, telesales, and recruitment, today, the playing field has expanded to core information technology roles such as software developer and many more. The job seekers are not just limited to those facing unemployment, students under a financial strain, or people with a totally different work sphere.

Work from Home Jobs: Driven By Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic globally has also forced the households to re-evaluate their sources of income and have enabled women a chance to provide a sizeable contribution even beyond their already Herculean home responsibilities. For instance, JobsforHer, a job portal targeted at women, has seen a 30% growth in the number of applicants for WFH jobs compared with March 2019. Started five years ago to help women restart careers after a break, today JobsforHer has evolved to help women enhance their careers. 

Also, the increased traffic due to remote working has had companies rushing to strengthen their digital security and online data infrastructure. Analysts also seem to agree that what was a 2-year transformation has been completed in 2 months due to the global outbreak that has forced companies and individuals to go beyond the obvious.

Employers are also willing to pay more for remote working jobs. WFH jobs with CTC (cost to company) greater than ₹5 lakh per annum has seen a sharp rise on various platforms in April compared with February. These have been some of the conscious efforts of the companies to meet the needs of skilled professionals. Based on their asks, the recruiters are consistently modifying their existing strategies to come up with the best possible solutions.

This is not all without negative implications, as e-commerce entities have also fueled job opportunities by providing home delivery options, developing user-friendly apps, and providing essential services to the masses. During the lockdown, with travel to call centres prohibited, employees have been enabled to take customer calls from their homes, with an incremental increase of 5% calls taken a day every day, seeing a 50% increase of the earlier number of calls taken on an average day. This has also entailed us to envision a huge cost-savings opportunity once the crisis comes to an end.

All in all, with COVID-19 leaving no sphere of life untouched, working from home, aka WFH, is something which looks bound to be a viable option even in the post-pandemic times. Adjusting our sails to the existing changes will surely help us unlock even more possibilities in times ahead.

On the other hand, companies are actively looking to leverage gig-based payouts in a bid to keep their cost low during this tough time. All of it will result in an increasing demand for such professionals.

The big concern, however, is the performance of those professionals working from home! As such practice requires a great degree of discipline and commitment to self, it would be interesting to see if employees working from home could meet the expectations of their employers. Only time will tell if WFH is here to change the dynamics of working conditions forever, or it’s just a temporary arrangement. Stay tuned to this space for more.  


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