The Launch Of Pixel 4a: Google Is Gearing Up For The Big Surprise, Once Again!

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Google Pixel 4a could be the head turner as the company is, once again, gearing up to surprise its competitors with the specification and price of Pixel 4a.

Every prospective smartphone buyer in India wishes for a smartphone that offers a Google Pixel camera and iPhone security features but at a price of Xiaomi smartphones. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have all of the best features in an average priced smartphone. However, the increasing demand for such smartphones have pushed many flagship smartphone brands such as Apple, Google, OnePlus, etc. to step into the mid-range market.

The Google Pixel 4a is the new upcoming smartphone in the Pixel series. There have been plenty of rumours and leaks regarding the smartphone which made it a talk of the town among the online communities. Google Pixel 4a, the successor of Pixel 3a, was earlier expected to launch at Google’s I/O Developers Conference in May 2020. However, due to the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak, the company had to postpone the event.

Fans expect it to be a rival to the upcoming iPhone 9, aka iPhone SE 2, Apple is expected to placing its bet with for a mid-range smartphone market. Although there is no official announcement about Pixel 4a from Google yet, the launch may be closing in if rumours are to be believed.

Pixel 4a Specifications: Head Turner

There have been various leaks about the phone in the last couple of weeks. Yesterday 9to5Google published another leak article where they claimed to have the full specification of the smartphone.

Interestingly, Google has no plans to release the low-price Pixel smartphone with XL series – the premium range of Pixel series smartphones. The company would apparently be releasing only one headset under the 4a series. The leak claims that Pixel 4a is just s successor of Pixel 3a with upgraded hardware specification like bigger 5.8″ display, but smaller than Pixel 3a XL which has 6″ display.

Google Pixel 4a is expected to have an 8-core Snapdragon 730 processor under the hood. Out of the 8 cores, 6 would perform at a moderate speed of 1.8 GHz and the other two would clock at 2.2 GHz.

It would have a RAM of 6 GB with two rumoured storage variants of 64GB and 128GB and a battery of 3080 mAH.

The camera is the most important element of a smartphone nowadays. It’s the biggest attraction of customers. Unfortunately, that’s the area where Google Pixel has been disappointing for long and seems Pixel 4a is no different. On the rear side, Google Pixel 4a will have a single primary camera of 12.2 MP and a front camera of 8MP with a field-of-view being 84 degrees.

The resolution of the screen would get a slight upgrade to 2340 x 1080 as compared to the usual 2280 x 1080.

Some reports say that the Google Pixel would be available in two colour variants of “Just Black” and “Barely Blue”.

On the software and feature side, Google Pixel 4a will reportedly miss a few of the important features. Although most of Pixel 4a features will be similar to Google Pixel 4, the FaceLock feature or the Soil radar sensors which allows the users to use hand gesture recognition will not be provided in Google Pixel 4a. Furthermore, it will also miss Google’s Pixel Neural Core which is an on-device machine learning tool used to boost performance.

Pixel 4a: A mid-range smartphone?

With all of these features, people have been wondering about the price of Pixel 4a, the new upcoming smartphone, for a long time. In another leak shared by Evan Blass – the American blogger enjoying a proven track record when it comes to Pixel leaks – tweeted the image of a Google Billboard featuring Pixel 4a, which claims that starting price of Google Pixel 4a would be $399. If the leak lives to its expectations, it’s clear that Google is gearing up to move the mid-range smartphone segment with the upcoming Pixel 4a device.

Although standard flagship phones of Google Pixel provide a wider range of features, they also cost more money. The new approach by the tech giant could be driven by the success of the 3a series. It turned out to be one of the best devices launched last year. One of the main reasons for its success was the balance between its affordability and its performance.

Sundar Pichai, CEO Google, said that due to the budget-oriented Pixel 3a, the sales doubled in the Q2 of 2018-2019. This might have inspired Google to make more mid-range smartphones to perform better at the market.

Another reason could be to increasing competition from the rival companies. Apple’s soon to be launched iPhone 9 is a budget-oriented smartphone set to launch in the upcoming weeks. In order to take on the competition, Google is also focusing its resources on developing mid-range smartphones.

The success or failure of the Pixel 4a, however, would widely depend on the markets it would be launched in. The real test of the headset would be overseas due to the extreme saturation of the smartphone market in the US. The largest market in terms of the smartphone industry would be China. However, due to the ongoing trade war between the US and China, which made Google suspending its Android OS support to Huawei, it seems to be a tough ground to play on for Google. The complicated situation in China would provide an edge to Huawei which would try to make it more difficult for Google to penetrate the Chinese market with the upcoming Pixel 4a smartphone.

Significance of the Indian market

considering all the above scenarios, India is the only sizeable market left for Google to focus. India is the second-largest smartphone market in the world in terms of devices. And, with the low penetration of smartphones in India, which is also driven by price, it is essential for Pixel to succeed in the Indian market.

However, it remains unknown if the Pixel 4a would be launched in India. The suspicious is driven by the fact that none of the variants of Pixel 4 made was launched in Indian due to the soil radar chip which is banned in the country.

Whatsoever be the situation, fans around the world are eagerly waiting for the official launch of Google Pixel 4a. It would be interesting to see how the market is going to respond to the device.


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