Apple iPhone 9 Launch: Not The Date, The Price That Could Turn Heads!

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The much-awaited launch of iPhone 9, aka iPhone SE 2, could take place on Sunday, April 5, 2020.

Apple iPhones are one of the best smartphones in terms of quality out there in the market. Widely popular for its superior performance and super expensive prices, iPhone is one of the most aspired devices almost everyone wants to own nowadays. Looks like few aspects of Apple iPhone are about to change.

With the new upcoming iPhone 9, also dubbed as iPhone SE 2, tech giant Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) has apparently decided to take a different approach to attract customers this time. If we believe on rumours that are making rounds on the internet, Apple has made significant upgrades in its highly popular iPhone SE and is now ready to launch its successor with even more competitive price this week.

It is not the first time when rumours about the launch of iPhone 9, or call it iPhone SE 2, is making heads turned.

The launch of iPhone 9 was supposed to take place last month itself. However, due to the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus the company had to delay the launch of the much-anticipated low price phone. There was a complete breakdown of the production supply chain as many countries, including China, went into lockdown mode.

However, according to new rumours as the production of many factories in China has started recently, Apple is ready to launch a budget iPhone 9 on April 5. Although there is no official announcement from Apple yet, an employee from Best Buy shared an image of an iPhone case from Urban Armour Gear(UAG) with Macrumors. The label on the case states that it is for a new 4.7 inches iPhones of 2020. There is no specific name on the case but since the standard iPhones are of 5.5″ onwards it becomes evident that the cases are for the much-awaited smartphone.

But how does an image of iPhone indicates the launch date?

The retailers were asked not to add these cases till the upcoming Sunday, April 5. Besides, cases manufacturers generally practice of sending cases of new iPhone to retailers a few days before the launch of a new iPhone. All of it suggests that Apple might have planned something for April 5, and that could including the launch of iPhone 9.

Launch of iPhone 9: Why the Hype?

Even before the rumours about the launch of iPhone 9 started taking place on the news websites, online communities were stormed with many discussions about the device.

Apple launched the first version of its budget iPhone, named as iPhone SE, way back in 2016. Since then, people have been waiting for the successor of the hugely popular budget-oriented iPhone with the latest specs and features. iPhone SE 2 is expected to have a 4.7 inches display, OIS in Camera along with an A13 processor under the hood.

Apple is expected to price tag the upcoming iPhone SE 2 with Rs 30,000. At this price point, the expected features of iPhone 9 are attractive enough to create a buzz among fans who find flagship variant of iPhone out of their budget, so their reach.

The increase in the hype is also due to the delay in the launch which was earlier expected to take place last month itself. In light of the widespread pandemic, Apple delayed the launch to an unscheduled date.

What could this mean for Apple?

The worldwide outbreak of Coronavirus has delayed the launch of almost every product or service. It has also affected the world’s economy and gave a massive blow to many thriving industries. Apple is also a victim of the coronavirus with the lockdowns impacting the share price of the company, which has tanked by 15% in just one month. The future prospects don’t seem to be very promising as well. Therefore, Apple has to perform exceptionally well in terms of iPhone sales and revenue.

By launching the budget iPhone with latest features at this time, and that too at the jaw-dropping price, Apple is trying to make heads turned. The company is also trying to boost its sales in emerging markets like India which is known for its price sensitivity. The low penetration of smartphone portrays a big window of opportunity for smartphone companies and Apple is able to roll its dice well with iPhone 9 in India, it could close its financial year with another record-breaking sales figures despite all odds.


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