How TikTok Can Improve Your Business

With over 850 million users on the platform, TikTok has emerged as the alternate for brands who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on social media marketing. However, owing to the nature of the platform and demographic of its user base, the strategies to promote products/services are quite different.

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TikTok is a social media platform that, although is still in its infancy, is soaring high in terms of popularity. At the outset, it looks only like a dance and lip-syncing video. But, if you dig deeper through this platform, you’ll begin to notice that it can be just as competitive and useful as all its other social media counterparts are. 

Today, many businesses have creatively (and strategically) used TikTok to introduce their business to the whole world. After all, its growing population can’t be denied, with now around 850 million users worldwide. 

But, did you know that there’s more to TikTok than just a social media platform? Here are ways on how using it can help improve your business:

1. Post Promotional Challenges

Some brands are now way ahead of the advertising prowess. Companies across the world are using TikTok to post promotional challenges. You may have seen this all over the social media platform whereby different TikTok users who join the challenge have to promote a product or service creatively. Whoever gets the most responses wins a prize or reward from the brand.

These promotional challenges are one of the sneakiest ways done by brands to increase both their market reach and brand awareness. 

2. Study The Platform Very Well

A majority of the users on TikTok are from the younger generations. These are the millennials or young professionals, high school, and college students. As you wish to venture into TikTok to improve your business, an essential tip for you also to remember is to study the platform very well. The last thing that you’d want is to get shunned by the users of TikTok.

By studying the platform very well, this means studying which type of videos appeal to the demographics on TikTok. That way, you don’t post any video that doesn’t hold value. Apart from studying what kinds of videos are going to be a hit, understand also how to interact with others on the platform. In so doing, your business can better fit into the culture of TikTok more effortlessly.

3. Use The Pro Version

Especially because you’re going to be using TikTok solely as your business account and for marketing purposes, it would be advantageous for you to use the pro version. That way, you’ll have access to analytics that will come in handy during your periodic evaluations of whether or not your content is performing well.

Along this line, as you develop a pro account and eventually study your metrics, be sure also to answer the following questions:

  • How will the other TikTok users view and perceive your content?
  • What are you hoping to achieve through posting your TikTok videos?
  • What are you promoting?
  • Why are you choosing to go with TikTok?
  • Who is your target audience on TikTok?

4. Create Fun Content

TikTok isn’t the place for you to post long, boring sales pitches of your products. If you make that mistake, then chances are, you’ll have people un-following or unsubscribing to you. TikTok is all about having fun, so even when you’re selling and promoting technical products, you have to ensure that you’re still adding a pinch of fun and creativity in all your videos. That way, you’ll get users watching your videos regularly.

Take advantage of the fact that creating videos on TikTok doesn’t require you to be a technical guru. All you have to do is pull out your smartphone, start recording, edit a little bit, then you’re good to go! The bulk of the brain work only is in deciding how best you can ensure that your content stays fun.

5. Use Hashtags To Your Advantage

You may already be familiar with the use of #hashtags through Instagram. On TikTok, it’s no different. #hashtags are a sneaky but effective way for you to gain a broader audience on these social media platforms. Because you’re using TikTok to advertise your products and services, then go a step further through #hashtags. That way, you’re not only limiting yourself only to your current viewers on TikTok, but to the entire global space of this platform as well.


If you believe in the hype of TikTok, you’ll realize that it can also be the next Instagram or Facebook. Beyond just fun dances, silly recordings, and songs, your business should care about TikTok, to include it in your advertising strategy. As one of the fastest-growing apps in the market today, it’s a platform for you not to turn a blind eye on. If you wish to improve your business, you may want to consider signing up for TikTok. As you may have already learned from above, TikTok does indeed have the power to improve your business.


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