How Scientific Games Won Five Awards At ICE London 2020 By Leveraging Futuristic Technologies!

The gaming landscape is changing fast. With the advent of biometrics and facial recognition, it has been easier for companies to satisfy the guidelines. Recently at ICE London 2020, Scientific Games bagged five awards by leveraging on biometrics and facial recognition technology.

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There is one corporation in the gaming world making waves right now. Following major awards at the International Gaming Awards and Gambling Insider’s Global Gaming Awards, 2020 has started like a whirlwind for Scientific Games Corporation. At ICE London 2020, the corporation swept up five awards for the work it has done in the sports betting and gaming world, asserting its position as a leader, especially in the use of biometric technology.

Scientific Games focuses its innovations in the gaming and betting industries, providing the user with secure and unforgettable experiences, of which some of the top sports betting companies are utilising to ensure both customer retention and loyalty. Promotions and offers from bookmakers have moved on from adopting a standardised approach, to now being far more tailored and bespoke to the individual at hand – with customer data being at the forefront of innovation and change in the industry as a whole. Tailored offers, including Acca enhancements, reward schemes, and price boosts on markets whereby the individual is most likely to engage, are becoming ever more commonplace. Given the key legislation around data across Europe, and indeed the world, it’s becoming ever more essential that gaming companies are protecting it better than ever before, and that security is at the forefront of their work.

Based in Las Vegas, there is no better place for a gaming/betting company to be based, with that exact activity so prominent in the area. But it is not just a case of providing a platform for users. Scientific Games prides itself on providing an experience; displaying a superb blend of creativity and efficiency, powered by ever-advancing technology. However, another important philosophy of the corporation and one that is becoming increasingly important in society too is that of security. By this, we are not talking about hackers and cyber-security but the need to ensure that adults of the correct age are utilizing the gaming platforms provided by Scientific Games. And this is where technology plays a huge role.

Technology is developing at breakneck speed and coupled with the fact that people on this planet are communicating and accessing information faster than ever, security has a duty to keep up with this. And for this, biometrics takes centre stage. There are many instances of biometrics in action in our everyday lives; for example, at an airport when you pass security. People nowadays on the street are displaying inventive ways of unlocking their mobile devices, with the use of fingerprints and facial recognition. So, the topic of biometrics is one that shouldn’t be too unfamiliar with most. But its importance in the gaming and gambling industry is ever-increasing, due to the quicker and more open access adults, and children have to content on the world wide web.

By understanding the development in society and its habits, Scientific Games has not only understood its responsibility in abiding with changing gaming standards, but it has also acknowledged the challenge of preventing underage children from accessing illegal content. Keeping underage children off games involving gambling is a known gaming standard and rules have been made stricter to align with societal behaviour.

The issues surrounding mental health are also becoming more and more publicized in society and it’s something that has always been held as a stigma against gambling, due to the potential effects it can cause. Coupled with the fact children are at an age where they are developing interests and intrigue faster than the spin of a roulette wheel, they are also more vulnerable to gambling addiction, should they have access to this industry.

But with the use of biometric technology, Scientific Games has developed an efficient and secure way of preventing this and has also provided assurance for parents worldwide. Parents obviously play a huge role in the upbringing of their children but knowing that companies are implementing measures to counter illegal access can only be beneficial. Parents rest safe in the knowledge that the technology implemented is extremely accurate too, in the sense that biometrics are harder to forge.

There are many other advantages of biometric and object recognition. This technology also plays a huge part in creating a more personal connection with a user. To the current day, manual checks are carried out to verify if a user is of age to participate in gambling activity. However, these checks can take up to 72 hours to be processed leaving a potential customer waiting. Scientific Games, with the use of speedier biometrics, have provided a system which significantly improves the experience not just for the customer, but also the provider itself.

Reduced waiting times will only increase any revenue made while customer satisfaction levels will inevitably be higher. Legal users will gain quick access to the games, while the biometric database system allows Scientific Games to legally monitor individual customers preferences, which in turn allows SG to produce a tailored experience for that user; for example, which games are similar to their favourites.

From the above, it is clear to see why Scientific Games is gaining such recognition for its use of biometric and object technology. The experience created for the user is becoming increasingly interactive and fun, the same can be said of the games produced but perhaps, more importantly, SG is ensuring that the correct legal people are playing their games.


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