Smartphone Shipments in China by Top Vendors 2014 – 2019

The below graph represents the smartphone shipments in China by the top 5 vendors. The China market witnessed a notable 7.5% YoY decline in its smartphone shipments, totalling 366.7 million in 2019. While Huawei remained the market leader, Vivo overtook Oppo to become the second-biggest smartphone manufacturer.

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The above graph represents the smartphone shipments in China by top vendors, starting from CY 2014 to 2019. During 2019, Smartphone vendors shipped a total of 366.7 million units of devices in China. That was a notable decline of 7.5% YoY, resulting from market saturation as well as a challenging economy. Huawei, once again, emerged as the leader of China smartphone market, with 38.3% share. The company shipped 140.6 million units of smartphones in 2019, recording a strong 33.9% YoY growth.

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NoteCalendar Year – from January 1st to December 31st

Surprisingly, among the top five smartphone vendors in China, only Huawei recorded some year-over-year growth in their smartphone shipments in 2019.

Apple iPhone shipments in China smartphone market continued to decline since 2016, primarily due to its expensive unit prices which became increasingly out of line with the tough market environment. In 2019, Apple shipped 32.8 million units of iPhones in China, representing a 9.7% YoY decline.

Xiaomi, which is dominating India’s smartphone market, remained the 4th largest smartphone maker in China market. Xiaomi smartphone shipments in China declined a huge 21.2% YoY in 2019, to 40 million units. The decline in Xiaomi smartphone shipments in China market was mainly due to various factors such as adjustment of product mix and channel inventories, internal reorganization, etc.

Interestingly, Vivo overtook Oppo to become the China’s second biggest smartphone manufacturer in 2019. However, Vivo smartphone shipments in China declined a 12.5% YoY, from 76 million in 2018 to 66.5 million in 2019. The company continues to target the mid-range segment by positioning its iQOO and S series in different channels. On the other hand, Oppo shipped 62.8 million units in 2019, with 20.4% YoY decline.

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