What Makes A Great Trade Show Booth?

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It can be hard to stand out, especially if you’re a small company and can’t afford to pour thousands into your trade show booth at every trade shows relevant to your industry. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do that don’t cost a lot of money but can still help make your trade show booth special.

For exhibitors, preparing for one or more trade shows each year can be a huge task. There are so many moving parts to keep track of, from designing and shipping booth elements and reviewing flooring/carpeting options, to choosing giveaways, planning audiovisual experiences, and more. Although they require this massive amount of planning and resources, trade shows remain a key sales, networking, and lead generation platform for brands, manufacturers, and distributors across a wide variety of industries. Luckily, there are many trade show companies available to help.

The benefits of exhibiting at a trade show can surpass any marketing or growth technique. Trillions of business deals are done at trade shows every year. The biggest and best trade show booths definitely have the edge, but not all are successful. Keep reading to see what makes a great trade show booth. 


Buyers are attracted to good looking booths. Use bright colours and put effort into the design of your booth. It will make all the difference between visitors stopping or walking by. You could try using entertainers such as a model, magician, or singer who goes along with your company persona or theme of the booth or trade show.

Handing out freebies is still an eye-catching marketing technique that works. Create stickers, postcards, prototypes, buttons, bracelets, anything with your name on it. Also, think about who your demographic is.

Be assertive and talk to everyone, and have your entire staff do the same. Set appointments for people to come meet your executives. They will be there anyway, put ’em to work meeting the people and adding value to the discussions. Promote the event like it’s your own… because it is.

Set Goals. Of course, with the most important upcoming events, you need to put in place some realistic goals for your business. What do you hope to accomplish at the trade show? Do you need to rack up more sales, or do you want to keep building your target audience through social media shares? Write down your goals and stick to them as much as possible as you carry on your day.


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