Social Media Marketing Success: Simple But Essential Tricks of The Trade!

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Today the world is spinning around the Internet and technology. The entrepreneurs are in constant search for potential niches which have not been covered yet. New startups are born every single day with fresh ideas, improvements and visions of a better future. Unfortunately, starting a business, nowadays, is nothing more than creating a website online. As a result, an increasing number of people discover entrepreneurship spirit in themselves and decide to become businessmen.

It all sounds promising from the customers perspective as there are more options and new solutions that are supposed to facilitate lives. Truth be told, not every single one of them is a success – like who could ever think that a contact lens jewellery can be the thing? However, a lot of businessmen is trying so that’s something.

On the other hand, from the entrepreneur’s perspective, newborn businesses mean also that the competition is not sleeping but actually doing their best to outperform others. And it is getting more and more troublesome to find any niche not covered. Therefore, online businessmen need to do their best to survive and be noticed in this overcrowded market. And one of the things they should never omit is social media presence. As in those digitalized era not running social media platforms for your business is a huge faux pas.


Why social media presence is crucial for your business

Social media platforms are the most popular information-sharing platforms of the 21st century. If you don’t have a Facebook profile you do feel a little bit excluded from the society. And so could feel your business!

Being present on social media platforms is equally important as having a landing page for your business – do not even start with „I don’t have it” – you can easily create a landing page in WordPress and it does not require neither a lot of time nor a lot of skills. But coming back to social media – you just cannot do without at least one of them as you will simply be overlooked in the crowd.

Building a relationship with customers

Social media platforms are the best way to connect with your customers and create with them a relationship based on loyalty and mutual benefits. You can very easily let them know about new items in your online shop, offer something special, organise an event or simply get in touch with them by discussion in commentaries.

If your potential customers understand that a business has an honest, nice and reliable human being behind it they will be more prone to trust you and your solution. If they engage in your posts, like photos or tweets you publish it is more likely they stay with you instead of turning to your competitors.

Advertising in a cheap and effective way

Another great quality of social media is the possibility of cheap, simple and effective ways to advertise your product. Preparing a Facebook or Instagram ad requires not more than an hour of your time and some capital but the outcome can be more than satisfactory. We do not live anymore in times where in order to make an advertisement you had to buy some expensive place in a section a local newspaper or billboard area. Now social media marketing is far more efficient and customizable.


When you decide to run a marketing campaign on social media you have plenty of options to choose from. You can choose the main objective of your campaign, target audience and adjust all colours and style to your business’ needs. However, when preparing the one you also need to think about how to track whether it is effective or not. And that can be done with URL tracking.  

Url tracking in social media marketing campaigns

Url tracking tags are simply tracking parameters for Google Analytics you may add to URLs to analyse the performance of your social media marketing campaign. If you devote some time to add them using a url builder you will provide yourself with highly useful information about the best practices for your marketing strategy and your target customers.

When you add URL tracking tags you are able to check which social media advertisement generated the biggest traffic – meaning which one is most prominent to become your focus in advertising. You may discover that you have been spending a lot of time on perfecting your Instagram ads when actually your Facebook ads prosper far better. Or maybe a retweet from an expert in the field generated far more traffic than any advertisement at all. With URL tracking, you can get all the information about marketing actions and tailor your marketing strategy to the expectations of your target customers.


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