The above graph represents the monthly distribution of the mobile os market share worldwide, starting from May 2016 to July 2019. The world’s top mobile operating systems are Android, iOS, Series 40, and Windows Phone OS.

Last Updated22 August 2019
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DurationMay 2016 – July 2019

As the graph shows, Google’s Android has been dominating the global mobile OS market for the last 2-3 years. In July 2019, Android OS captured 69.78% share of the mobile OS market worldwide. This is a notable 1.84 percentage point decline from the previous month. While compared to July 2018, about 70.86% of mobile devices were running on the Android operating system, globally.

iOS – Apple’s own operating system for iPhones and iPads – is the second most popular mobile OS in the world. As of July 2019, nearly 30% of iPhone devices are running on iOS. The figure has slightly increased when compared to the same month a year ago. In July 2018, iOS accounted for 27.81% share of the global mobile operating system market.

The usage share of Series 40 OS declined drastically from July 2016 to July 2019. Currently stands at 4th place, Series 40 (now discontinued) has only a 0.7% share across all mobile platforms. In July 2016, Series 40 captured 3.35% share of the mobile OS market, which declined to just 1.63% in January 2017. In the next 6 months (July 2017 to be specific), the Series 40 market share declined to 0.68%.

Surprisingly, the Windows Phone OS market share on mobile platforms is even less than Nokia Series 40. As the graph shows, the market share of Windows Phone OS declined from 1.10% in July 2016 to 0.04% in July 2019.

Linux mobile OS share clocked at 0.03% as of July 2019.

About Operating Systems: Additional Information

An operating system (OS), in its most general sense, is a program that manages hardware and allows a user to run other programs on a computing device.

While the research in the field of Operating System started in 1950, the first major breakthrough came only in 1962 when the first recognisable modern Operating System was built. Atlas Supervisor was the first program that successfully managed hardware to provide a controlled environment to various programs.

Almost every device that contains a processor is controlled by the Operating System nowadays. While there are many companies who have either launched or working on their own Operating System, there are three tech giants who dominate the global Operating System market.

Desktop Market is completely controlled by Windows OS created by Microsoft. In the last 3 decades, Microsoft introduced various versions of Windows OS, latest being Windows 10 OS. While almost every other company work on Windows OS, Apple has got its own Mac OS.

In the mobile space, Google’s Android is the undisputed king due to the strong app ecosystem and availability to other smartphone manufacturers. Unlike Android, Apple has decided to keep its own operating system for mobile devices, named as iOS, restricted only for devices made by the company itself.

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