Apple To Launch iPhone 11 On 20 September 2019?

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The launch of iPhone 11 is just around the corner and Apple would be leaving no stone unturned to make iPhone 11 launch date more exciting. While there is no official statement from Apple, a recent statement from SoftBank Chief apparently spilled the beans on the launch date of iPhone 11.

A recently outlined revised Telecommunication Business Law in Japan demands that every operator in the country must segregate their data plans and device plans. For long, most of the mobile operators in the country were clubbing both and offering data plans at a very high price, resulting in ambiguity among users. After the revised law comes into effect mobile operators in Japan will no longer be able to bundle premium devices, like iPhone, with overpriced tariffs.

The law will be applicable on all mobile operators in Japan from October 01. 2019.


When Miyauchi, The Chief of Softbank, was questioned about the company’s strategy to balance out the new law with the upcoming launch of iPhone 11, his spontaneous replied caught the eyeballs of many.

Honestly, I am wondering what should I do for 10 days. No, I shouldn’t say that,” Miyauchi said. “Anyway, I don’t know when the new iPhone will be released. However, almost after 10 days, it will be unbundled.”

His statement clearly indicated that Apple has all set to launch iPhone 11 on September 20, this year.

His response is good enough to understand what date Apple is aiming for the release of iPhone 11. Besides, being at the top position of SoftBank, it’s quite obvious that he already has a sense of Apple’s plans in regards to the launch of iPhone 11.

Launch Of iPhone 11: A Lot Riding For Apple

If the release date of iPhone 11 is the same what Miyauchi has hinted, soon the invite for iPhone 11 launch event will be out. The odds for the launch date are quite high as it’s aligned with the date Apple launched its predecessors last year.

Apple is going through a tough time, especially in terms of the sales figure of iPhone. The decline sales of iPhone worldwide is the biggest concern and challenge for Tim Cook & Team to face. The increasing worldwide revenue of Apple, however, has helped the management to keep its shareholders and Wall Street silent; all thanks to the increased ASP since the launch of iPhone X.

Apple revenue by products

So far, the rumoured specification of iPhone 11 has failed to create much excitement among customers. The bumpy triple camera setup appears to be the biggest disappointment among users eagerly awaiting the iPhone 11. Besides, the exorbitant price of iPhone 11 could bring in more damages for Apple.

The success of iPhone 11 is a big challenge for Apple, especially when the brand loyalty among the trade-in iPhone customers are at the lowest level in the last few years. With Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Note 10 Samsung have got enough of lure iPhone users who are jumping off the ship while trade-in.

As the launch of iPhone 11 appears to be the most challenging for Apple, it would be interesting to see what strategy the company would employe to keep its loyal customers, ready to upgrade, glued.


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