Apple Quarterly Revenue by Products & Services: FY Q1 2007 – Q4 2019

The above graph represents the worldwide Apple quarterly revenue by products & services. Apple’s major products include iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Services business. Apple’s revenue in fiscal Q4 2019 clocked $64,040 million ($64 billion), worldwide. Interestingly, this was the highest revenue generated in any fourth quarter ever. The revenue was primarily driven by the all-time record revenue from Services, accelerating growth from Wearables, and iPads.

SourceApple’s official ReportsSEC Filings
Last Updated31 October 2019
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NoteApple financial year – October 1 to September 30

More than 80.5% of Apple’s total revenue in fiscal Q4 2019 came from the sale of its products. While the rest 19.5% came from Apple’s services business.

Apple generates a majority of its quarterly revenue from the sales of iPhones. Apple iPhones revenue in Q4 2019 clocked $33,362 million, representing 52.1% of the company’s total revenue. On a yearly basis, the revenue from iPhones declined nearly 9.2% YoY in the fourth quarter. While on a quarterly basis, it’s an impressive 28.4% YoY growth.

However, Q3 2019 was the first time in the last 7 years when the iPhone accounted for less than half of Apple’s overall revenue for the quarter. Apple’s revenue from iPhone in fiscal Q3 2019 declined a notable 11.8% YoY to $25,986 million.

Apple’s revenue from Mac also declined nearly 4.8% YoY in fiscal Q4 2019, to $6,991 million.

Apple recorded an appreciable 16.89% YoY growth in its iPad revenue, increased to $4,656 million in Q4 2019, from $3,983 million in Q4 2018.

Surprisingly, Apple’s revenue from its other products (including Wearables, Home and Accessories) recorded the maximum growth, bringing in $6,520 million in fiscal Q4 2019, up by a whopping 54.4% YoY.

Meanwhile, Apple’s Services business continues to grow rapidly, recorded 18% YoY in fiscal Q4 2019, to $12,511 million – the highest till date. Apple’s services revenue now accounts for over 19.5% of the company’s total revenues.

Apple Revenue from Products & Services: History!

Apple generates a majority of its revenue from the sales of iPhone, every year. It was fiscal Q1 2018 when Apple iPhone revenue reached an all-time high of $61,104 million, with 12% YoY growth. Nearly 69% of the company’s total revenue in fiscal Q1 2018 came from iPhones. All thanks to iPhone X which emerged as the world’s most selling smartphone in both Q1 and Q2 2018.

Surprisingly, in fiscal Q1 2013, the iPad revenue crossed $10 billion mark for the first time. Apple’s iPad revenue increased from $10,674 million in fiscal Q1 2013 to $11,468 million in fiscal Q1 2014 – highest till date.

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