The exploded adoption of internet and mobile has encouraged brands to have an efficacious digital marketing strategy in place. In a bid to attract the maximum number of eyeballs on the internet brands are leaving no stone unturned and employing innovative and aggressive techniques to strengthen brand reputation and acquire more customers. In the process to do so, they are shifted from intrusive self-promotional tactics to more nuanced inbound strategies such as influencer marketing.

The worldwide influencer marketing would turn out to be an estimated $10 billion opportunity by 2020. Internet is flooded with stories about the rise of online influencers in the US that are minting millions every year. The scenario, however, is quite different in emerging markets like India, and Africa.

A lot has been talked about the Pros and Cons of influencer marketing, but mostly in the global context. Despite being the second-largest country by the number of mobile users and the internet, India accounts for a minuscule share of global influencer marketing market. We aim to reach top digital agencies, renowned marketers and thought leaders in India who have been instrumental in shaping up the industry in India so far.

The objective of the survey is to identify the state of influencer marketing in India, which will eventually help brands and marketers make informed decisions when it comes to spending their marketing dollars on influencer marketing. The report will highlight the impact, ROI, satisfaction, challenges and road ahead for everyone who is a part of, directly or indirectly, the process of employing influencers in India.


We are very appreciative of the time you have taken to participate in this report. As a token of appreciation, we would be rewarding 3 lucky participants with Amazon gift voucher, each worth Rs 2,500.

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