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Apple recently revealed that the company is very close to achieving the much-awaited milestone of having 1 billion active iPhone users on the planet. While there is no official confirmation on the exact number of iPhone users worldwide, in January 2019 Luca Maestri, CFO – Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), stated that globally there are 900 million active iPhone devices were tracked. Undoubtedly, it’s a commendable performance by the company which is competing with a bunch of tech giants, likes of Google, Samsung, Huawei, in the smartphone space.

First launched in June 2007, iPhone has been around for more than a decade now, and I’m one of its dedicated users. I would never even consider getting a phone made by other than Apple, even if it would make using my Samsung Smart TV easier.

However, being devoted to one product for so long causes a certain amount of complacency to kick in. Recently, I noticed that the apps I have on my phone today are remarkably similar to the apps I had years ago. I hardly ever try anything new, even if it could change the way I use my phone. It seems like too much work.


But the truth is that there are plenty of apps out there that should be on your iPhone and won’t take ages to learn to use. They range in importance from security to functionality.

1. Antivirus software

Yes, even iPhones could do with antivirus software. While Apple devices are more secure than any other, largely due to their closed system, installing a best antivirus for iPhone can give you the extra level of safety that is lacking in this dangerous age of cybercrime. If you jailbreak your iPhone, you definitely need more security, considering you’re now outside of some of Apple’s most important safety features.

In addition to antivirus software, you should also have a VPN, which hides who you are and encrypts your data. iPhones are remarkably secure, but in today’s world, even that is not good enough.

2. Mozilla Firefox

One of the apps I never thought I’d delete from my iPhone was Google Chrome. It had been the perfect browser for all my needs for almost a decade. But over the past couple of years, it started slowing down noticeably. When I used it more, my battery drained particularly quickly as well.

I decided to give Safari another try and, while it has come a long way from its iffy beginnings and has cool features like automatically providing strong passwords, it doesn’t have the extensive functionality I want.


Mozilla Firefox, however, does everything Chrome could and with less processing power. It’s quick, drains very little battery, and integrates well into your phone’s ecosystem. It is the best Safari alternative out there.

3. Gboard

Despite kicking Chrome off my phone, I found another gem from Google in Gboard. Gboard is Google’s keyboard and it’s unlike anything you’ve tried before. It has swipe typing capabilities similar to the one Apple has just introduced, integrates with your contacts, and its predictive prowess is unmatched. But it’s the other features that really set it apart.

Want to find an option for dinner while in a chat? Simply search using the Google function on the keyboard and tap on an option to share it. Looking for the right emoji, gif, or sticker? Search and it will suggest a range of each. Want to create your own gif on the fly? It can do that too. It can also share locations of places that you’ve searched for and now has an integrated translate function. Yes, you just type in a sentence and translate it on the keyboard itself. What more could you want?


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