Google To Launch A New Chrome Feature That Prevent Users From Getting Tracked Online

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If you are among the ones who are cant refrain from using Chrome browser but don’t like advertising firms peeping into your digital life through cookies, here is a good news for you! Google is all set to release some new tool that will allow Chrome users to restrict companies to track your digital activities.

The soon to be released Chrome tool by Google is reportedly more of a Dashboard. Chrome users can make use of it to enlighten themselves about the cookies tracking their browser activities. More importantly, users will have an option to fend off such tracking cookies as well.

The rising privacy concerns and mounting pressure on internet companies by authorities in the various country have apparently forced Google to give more control to Chrome users. By making it tougher for companies to track Chrome users’ digital activities a lot harder, the upcoming Chrome feature has curtailed the possibility of abusing personal information of users to a certain extent.


New Chrome Feature: Killing Two Birds With One Stone

It’s important to understand that companies, nowadays, are highly relying on the tracked data to understand users’ habits and possibly predict their next move, be it related to shopping, travelling or switching a job.

But what, there is a twist to it!

Your happiness may be short-lived after knowing that the new Chrome feature will only restrict companies and tools that are not linked with Google. Infact, despite you making the best use of the new feature to restrict tracking cookies, Google will also be able to track your each and every move on Chrome browser as it has been doing for long.

Analysts believe that Google is trying to kill two birds with one stone. The new Google Chrome feature, at one side, will limit the capabilities of third-party advertising tools and digital marketing companies, helping Google to strengthen its dominance in the digital marketing industry. At the same time, the company is tacking the mounting pressure in regards to increasing privacy concerns by portraying it as an initiative taken by the internet behemoth to make internet browsing safe and secure.

Any move by Google in relation to Chrome impacts the whole internet industry. Google Chrome accounts for a whopping 63% of the total browser market, globally. The closest competitor Apple Safari lags behind with a distant margin with just 17.6% share. In 2019, worldwide digital ad spending is estimated to rise by 17.6%, reaching $333.35 billion. As usual, Google will claim a lion’s share of the pie, amounting to the tune of over $100 billion – a sizeable 31% of the market in 2019.


Undoubtedly, Google wants to cement its dominant position in the digital advertising business. The company was reportedly working on the new feature for the last six years, but the recent privacy scandals, such as Cambridge Analytica, and the possible maximum penalty on Facebook due to recent privacy issues, caused the acceleration in the process.

It’s, however, reported that the new feature will have absolutely no impact on Google’s capabilities of tracking Chrome users data as the tool is not tuned to block Google’s own script.


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