Triple Camera In iPhone XI: Will It Make 2019 IPhone Good Enough To Turn Heads?

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The wait for the triple camera in iPhone will apparently be over soon! Two of the three Apple iPhone 2019, expected to make debut in the late summer, would be head turners with a triple camera setup!

The latest rumours indicate that Apple is up for the game of triple camera with the launch of the upcoming iPhone 11. The additional camera bump is supposed to be square shape along with the other two bumps together forming a triangular shape.

The information is sourced out to the world by highly credible OnLeaks’ Steve Hemmerstoffer in collaboration with Indian site Cashkaro.

The upcoming iPhone XI

The next generation of iPhones is expected to make a grand debut in September 2019. While Apple remains tight-lipped about the upcoming iPhone, these leaks help us get a clear idea regarding what we can expect.

As is visible from the leaks, the iPhone XS and iPhone 11 looks pretty much the same if we only take the front view into consideration. However, the difference can clearly be seen once the phone is flipped. Along with a flash in the top right corner, the three lenses are arranged in a triangular manner. What makes the rear panel even more unique is the fact that it will be completely made out of one piece of glass.

On the front side of iPhone XI, Apple is expected to upgrade the camera to a 10-megapixel sensor, rumoured to be called the ‘Facetime’ camera.

The internal ecosystem of the iPhone XI seems to be changed too. Apple may ditch the L-shaped battery system for the larger and squarer battery.

Besides all of the above, it’s quite unlikely that Apple would be offering any other major upgrade in iPhone XI with regards to the external specifications. Even the dimensions are almost the same. The notch and bezels will be reduced to provide users with a seemingly higher screen-to-phone proportion. Minor tweaks include changes to the mute switch to make it similar to that of the older iPads and adjustment to the rear microphone. Internally, it is supposed to have 4G LTE modems from Qualcomm along with A13 bionic processor.

Another rumoured feature that could be a part of iPhone XI line-up is the lightning ports, a wireless charging feature that will allow it to power up devices like the Airpods and the Apple Watch.

The triple-lens camera system

According to the latest renders, each camera in the triple camera set up will be of 12 megapixels – wide-angle lens, telephoto lens and the ultra wide-angle lens. The last lens is the new addition to the iPhone features. While nothing is confirmed yet, rumours indicate that more than one model of the iPhone 2019 series will be sporting the triple lens camera. Along with the 6.5 inches OLED iPhone, the 5.8 inches OLED iPhone is rumoured to have the same camera arrangements. The one supposed to be sporting the dual-lens camera is the follow-up of the 6.1 inches iPhone XR from last year.

The declining sales of recently launched iPhone XS has made Apple face enough of criticism for lacking the innovations and employing absurd pricing strategy. It has apparently put Apple in a desperate situation where a lot of riding on the success of the upcoming iPhone 2019. With the triple camera set to be the USP of these iPhones, it would be interesting to see how Tim Cook and his team will deal with the challenge Apple is facing enormous criticism for, globally. And, that’s nothing but the Price of iPhone XI.


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