Huawei 5G Smartphones To Debut With Jaw Dropping Prices

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The price of Huawei 5G smartphones would give competitors run for their money.

Smartphone manufacturers have upped the ante to fight and dominate the next battle in the smartphone space – 5G smartphone market. All the major players are going to foray into it, with some even have started unveiling the prices of their 5G devices. Huawei, the world’s third-largest smartphone vendor, seems to be employing a very aggressive pricing strategy in order to take advantage of the 5G trend when it hits the market. The Chinese smartphone major, through Peter Zhou, their chief marketing officer of wireless marketing, has promised to price tag its 5G smartphones with half the price of 5G smartphones to be launched by its competitors.

The 5G Smartphone Market

Huawei is claiming to introduce a 5G smartphone at just $600 this year. This is directly half of what the 5G devices of its rivals are supposed to be priced at. To put things into perspective, Samsung’s first 5G smartphone, the Galaxy S10 5G, is expected to cost at around $1,200. There has been no specific news about the pricing of the 5G devices of the other major manufacturers as yet, but it is considered to be at around the same price range as that of Samsung.


Chinese companies are known for their budget-friendly smartphones. Therefore, it won’t be a too big surprise if Huawei actually manages to pull off what they promise. Another interesting observation made by Pete Zhou in his interview is that the prices of 5G devices are going to drop further next year. He is expecting it to go as low as $300 in 2020. Hence, it is vital for the companies to come up with their 5G devices as soon as possible to avoid missing the bus to the 5G devices revolution.

Huawei 5G Smartphones: Success Is Important

Despite posting record sales in 2018, Huawei isn’t going through the best of times currently. With several governments blocking the sale of its devices in their countries, Huawei’s future in many markets hangs in balance. Some of those countries where Huawei is facing challenges, such as the USA, Canada and Australia, make a sizeable contribution to the overall global smartphone sales every quarter. What’s even more damaging is the fact that all this results in a ton of bad PR. People have begun to doubt the devices of the company, remaining unsure about the security. This is going to affect sales and shipments, which doesn’t sound well for the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer.

Therefore, the company is trying really hard to make its 5G smartphones a success. It was only recently that Huawei managed to capture about 40 commercial 5G deals and ship more than 45,000 5G base stations. What’s even more surprising is the fact that amidst the troubles, the income of the company from networking has actually increased by 20 per cent. Undoubtedly, the company is in a great position to push for dominance in the upcoming 5G markets.


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