Companies Need To Elevate Their Customer Service In The Era Of Social Media And Mobile

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Customer service is the most important aspect of running your business. It’s how you let customers know that their patronage is not only important but making sure they are satisfied is a core part of your business philosophy. Here are some ways that tech companies can elevate their customer service and create loyal customers.

Communicate Via Social Media

Social media is an effective communication and marketing platform when it’s used correctly. There are over 3 billion social media users hooked to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, which can be great platforms to provide customer service to your clients.

Posting updates on your social media pages will keep your customers updated, and making sure they’re aware that the page responds to messages will allow for discreet communication between you and your customers.

Be sure to address negative reviews or complaints in a professional manner, and direct unhappy customers to your website support page or the store itself. Resolving the issue can help make them a returning customer rather than a lost lead.

Pay Attention To Feedback

No one knows your customers’ experiences better than…well, the customers! It’s absolutely essential to listen to the feedback provided by your customers. A single review can tell you a lot about your company and the level of customer service you’re providing.

A customer will likely post a review or submit a complaint directly to your business page or website when they’re unhappy. While bad reviews can be disheartening, what really matters is how it’s addressed.

You can’t prevent every mistake, and sometimes you’ll have unhappy customers. Pay attention to the details of what made them unhappy, and address them accordingly. Perhaps you’ve got a trend of complaints regarding troubleshooting your tech. You might want to provide a troubleshooting guide or dedicated support staff.

Be polite and courteous when addressing online complaints. Never attempt to argue or refute a customer’s complaint, especially on social media pages or your website.

While it can be tempting to challenge something you think is untrue, remember that how you handle the complaint is much more important than whether or not it’s valid.

Provide Education About Your Product

Technology isn’t always the easiest thing to learn to use. Some technology, while seemingly simple to use, can be difficult for newbies in the tech world or anyone without much experience in it.

Providing your customers with a guide that’s easily accessible and tips on how to effectively use your product will ensure that everyone understands and can use your product properly.

In addition to education on how to use and troubleshoot your tech product, you might want to include a dedicated support staff to assist customers with more complex issues. Sometimes all of the information in the world isn’t enough to solve the customer’s issues, and you’ll need a support staff to help guide them to an effective solution.

Build And Maintain A Great Website

A website is an essential tool for any tech business. It acts as your central hub for information on your company, its products, and contact information. Here you can post links to your various social media pages, where your products can be found, and how to get in touch with support staff.

A good website is your brand’s first impression for new and potential customers. It should be organized, navigate well, and provide all the information the customer will require on your products. Without good navigation, the site will feel clumsy and become frustrating for users.

Don’t forget the aesthetics. A good design can attract new users, but shouldn’t be too over the top. You’ll want a modern looking site, but too many graphics or other visuals can be distracting and take away from the message.

Stay Engaged With Your Customers

Staying engaged with customers ensures that your brand is always on their radar, which is essential for ensuring they return to your company. Email lists and even courtesy calls can let customers know you’re looking forward to their next visit.

You can even have a video conference call to discuss product details or features. This is a great way to interact with your customers on a personal level, providing them with vital information in a one-on-one setting.

Provide Training And Seminars For Employees

Your employees are the greatest asset your company has for providing customer service, but as the market changes, customer service trends do as well. For example, before social media, online customer service was almost non-existent; but as the market changed, so did the customer service techniques with it.

When there’s a change in the way customer service is conducted, its important that you keep your employee in the loop, and provide the training necessary to adapt to these changes. Your employees can only perform as well as their knowledge will allow, so keeping them updated is an important practice.

Training can be conducted on-site or via web seminars or in-person seminars. Be sure to offer an option that works for the majority of your employees, or make the training required so that everyone is on the same page.

In Conclusion

Customer service is an absolute necessity for running a great business. Your customer should always come first, and as the industry changes, so should your customer service techniques. Always provide empathy and understanding when dealing with complaints, and never attempt to argue with a customer over social media.

Keep your staff updated and keep your website and social media pages up to date as well. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to providing the best customer service experience your customer base could ask for.


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