Will Huawei P30 Pro With Revolutionary Periscope Zoom Be A Game Changer?

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All eyes are set on Huawei P30 Pro, the successor of P20 Pro that successfully made heads turned almost the same time last year.

Huawei has emerged as a power player in the smartphone industry in recent years. The successes of its flagship smartphone devices embody its rise in a nutshell. With P20 Pro launched last year, Huawei introduced the first Leica Triple Camera to the world, along with 3X optical and up to 5X hybrid zoom. With regards to the next instalment of their flagship device, it can well be imagined that Huawei will go all out yet again.

Huawei P30 Pro: Periscope Zoom Camera

When Huawei’s VP of Global Product Marketing, Clement Wong was asked to describe their upcoming flagship device, he did mention a lot of features of Huawei P30 Pro. Some of them include enhanced capabilities in low light imaging, something that may potentially compete against the Pixel 3’s night sight mode. However, the most talked about feature was indeed the ‘periscope zoom‘.

Huawei’s VP claimed that the “periscope zoom” technology is revolutionary enough to “rewrite rules of photography“.

But is the periscope zoom really as fancy as it sounds?

The Periscope zoom will apparently be incorporated through a sensor for the same which will be the third sensor in the P30 Pro. With regards to its capabilities, it is said to be able to have features like that of the superzoom. This feature was teased through the zoomed in picture of the moon which was released by Huawei.

A highly detailed image, it was apparently clicked using the P30 Pro without using any additional lenses for enhancement. More so, it was clicked by Huawei CEO Richard Yu himself! Hence, we can very well expect a powerful smartphone camera to surpass its predecessor from last year.

Huawei P30 Pro periscope zoom

The periscope camera in question is rumoured to include a powerful mechanical zoom lens, to break away from the fixed lens of P20 Pro. The periscope system is something which will extend “up and down” inside the phone, rather than in and out. This might be the secret behind the impeccable zooming exhibited in the picture above. Although we do not have an exact number on the amount of zoom achievable through the smartphone, rumours point it to be around 10x.

Huawei coming off a good year

Huawei revealed sometime back that it had shipped more than 200 million smartphones in 2018. That signifies a commendable increase from 2017 when it had shipped only about 153 million smartphones. This takes Huawei smartphone usage up to over 500 million across 170 countries. But the major driving force behind the unprecedented jump in the company’s shipment figure in 2018 was the release of two successful flagships, the P20 Pro and the Mate 20 Pro.

This year, even the releases have been upgraded a notch, with the release of the upcoming foldable Mate X may come the P30 Pro. While the market response to foldable phones is still not clear, the success of the P30 Pro seems like a more distinct possibility.

But a lot will be depending on Huawei’s conduct amidst the trade war between USA and China. Having already been accused of employing shady tactics by stealing Apple’s trade secrets, Huawei can ill afford to risk such bad PR at this point in time. Seemingly riding on good times at the moment, a lot more depends on the success of Huawei’s P30 Pro and the much talked about Periscope zoom than it might seem initially.


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