4G Speed in India: Navi Mumbai Tops The Chart But IT Capital Disappoints

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The declining ASP (Average Selling Price) due to the advent of Chinese manufacturers is resulting in the exploded adoption of smartphones in India. In 2016, Reliance Jio fueled the adoption growth by introducing new data tariffs at a jaw-dropping price. A majority of 374 million smartphone users in India are now hooked to high-speed 4G mobile internet. But how many of them truly enjoy the 4G speed or are satisfied with the 4G speed provided by their telecom operators?

According to the latest report by OpenSignal, Smartphone users in Navi Mumbai, the extended part of the financial capital of India, receive the fastest 4G download speed. With 8.1 Mbps average 4G download speed, Navi Mumbai stays ahead of Hyderabad and Chennai, ranked at the second and third position in the list of Top cities with the fastest average 4G download speed in India with 7.9 Mbps and 7.8 Mbps, respectively.

The report once again highlights the long-due network stability issue smartphone users in India are experience despite the upgraded network quality and capacity, as claimed by the mobile operators.

Top Cities In India By 4G Downloading Speed

The financial capital of India, Mumbai, where the business transactions are largely pegged to mobile and internet, ranked at fifth position with 7.5 Mbps average 4G download speed, following Kolkata which faired comparatively well with 7.8 Mbps average 4G speed.

The OpenSignal analysed the collected data of 4G speed during the fastest and slowest hour from 20 cities in India. The findings portray a worrisome scenario for users and telecom operators both. The inconsistency in the 4G speed is the biggest challenge telecom operators in India need to deal with. The increasing consumption of high-speed 4G data is by smartphone users in India is keeping telecom operators on their toes.

top cities by 4G speed in India

During the hours, especially late at night, when the demand for data is high as most of the smartphone users are presumably hooked to entertainment content, the overall average 4G download speed drops to 3.7 Mbps. However, the overall average 4G download speed peaks to 16.8 Mbps during early morning hours when the mobile network is least congested.

The report carries a few surprise elements as well; The IT capital of India, Bangalore, which is largely known for the superior tech infrastructure and houses the maximum number of tech enthusiasts, falls behind many Tier-2 cities. The average 4G download speed in Bangalore was recorded just 6.7 Mbps while the peak 4G download speed clocked 14.7 Mbps.

The findings clearly expose the concerning state of the mobile infrastructure in India. Despite being the world’s second-largest country by the number of smartphone and internet users, India ranks at 88th position in the list of countries ranked by their 4G speed.

Indore emerged as the city having the fastest 4G download speed, while Allahabad, now renamed as Prayagraj, took the crown of worst performing city in terms of slowest 4G download speed and lowest average 4G download speed with 2Mbps and 4Mbps, respectively.


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