Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi Smartphone Users Are More Satisfied Than Samsung In India

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There was a time when the Chinese products were considered cheap and not durable in India. Those times are long gone now, especially in the smartphone market. Chinese smartphone companies are now finding their feet in the Indian market. More so, they have started to firmly root themselves and push away the competition around them. Winning consumer confidence was one of the major breakthroughs that have helped Chinese smartphone manufacturers to gain grounds, highlights the recently published Consumer Satisfaction report by Strategy Analytics. And along with that, a few developments have surfaced which have become too big to ignore.

Oppo Tops Customer Satisfaction in India

The report, from June to August 2018, threw a lot of light on the kind of smartphones loved by the Indian masses, as well as the main features of the smartphone which they’re interested in. Some of the important points from the report include:-

In the all-Chinese battle for the best consumer satisfaction smartphone, recently debuted Realme 1 emerges out on the top followed by Vivo V9 and Xiaomi Redmi 5. Samsung is the highest ranked non-Chinese company at fourth with its Galaxy J8.

  • In the customer reviews, the feature people liked to mention the most number of times is that of the camera of the smartphones. Furthermore, analysis of the review showed that the cameras of Samsung Galaxy J8 and Vivo V9 were ranked at the top on the basis of customer satisfaction.
  • In terms of smartphone brands customers were least satisfied with, Indian brand Karbonn wasn’t far off.

India’s Choice: Everything Chinese!

The Chinese smartphone companies such as Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi have become firm favourites with the Indian consumer base. The growing share of Chinese smartphones manufacturers in India is a testimony of increasing influence over the people. The conclusions drawn from the Consumer Satisfaction report have made the fact even clearer.

However, this begs the obvious question. Where’s Samsung?

The South Korean giant had been dominating the Indian smartphone market, until the influx of China into the business. It is the Chinese companies who rule the roost right now, be it in any aspect of the smartphone. The incredible features offered at such extraordinary low pricing made it pretty difficult for its competitors to keep up with them. On top of that, the advertising and marketing strategy of companies like Oppo and Vivo are really on point. So much so that it becomes hard for a normal person to ignore them. Samsung hasn’t had to make use of such an aggressive marketing strategy. It might have to now, though.

Samsung Dethroned?

Chinese company Xiaomi made a big statement by overtaking Samsung to become the best selling smartphone brand in the country in the last quarter of 2017. This is even more impressive when we consider the fact that Xiaomi entered the Indian smartphone market just three years prior to that. However, Xiaomi’s rise has also been helped by a few of the allegedly stagnant policies and underhand techniques employed by Samsung over the years. On top of that, cases like that of the explosion of Galaxy Note 7 haven’t done the brand any favours either.

Regardless, Samsung’s reputation over the years is too big to fall just like that. People trust the brand, also going to the extent of using it to compare smartphones of other manufacturers. The quality that they have set as a benchmark will take a lot of consistency over a long time for its competitors to overtake if they can.



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