Oppo Find X With 10GB RAM: The Insane Upgrade Nobody Wants?

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Oppo Find X may surprise us, again!

Amidst all the endless attempts to try to make the smartphone compete with a laptop, the tech world has come a long way. These days, most of the things which can be done with the help of a laptop can also be done with a smartphone. Even the processors have become similar, with quad-core and octa-core processors a norm nowadays in smartphones. However, Oppo seems to take this a step further. In its much talked about Find X smartphone family, Oppo might just unveil the world’s first smartphone with 10GB RAM (Random Access Memory)!

Oppo Find X: 10GB RAM And More

TENNA is a certification company based in China, similar to America’s FCC, which must approve all radio-transmitting devices before they can legally be sold for use in the United States. Earlier, it was reported that a new variant of the Oppo Find X has just been registered in TENNA. Moreover, it gained certification for an insane 10GB of RAM, along with 256 GB of storage space. However, there was no release date attached to it as yet.


Earlier, there were pretty persistent rumours going around that Vivo was going to be the one to introduce 10 GB of RAM in a smartphone for the first time. The model which was thought to be the one to introduce this feature was Vivo XPlay 7. But since no official confirmation could be gathered about the above information, we can’t say anything for sure yet.

Oppo Find X is, in fact, one of the most stylish smartphones around. Along with becoming the first North American and European device, it also came up with a Lamborghini edition in Europe. However, the flash sale for the latter lasted only four seconds before all the units were sold.

Do We Really Need All This Power?

Apple has pretty much been in the news with their recently released variants of the iPhone. But even with their exorbitant price points, the maximum RAM that Apple has loaded in its smartphones is 4GB. And the funny part is, people don’t seem all that upset about it either. For long continued to offer 2GB RAM in its devices and, no surprise to know, iPhones 6, iPhone 6S which are loaded with 2GB of RAM under the hood, are still outclassing most of Android smartphones with 6GB or more RAM when it comes to device/app crash rate.

This leads us to the thought – do we actually need the amount of RAM provided in the new upcoming smartphones like Oppo Find X?

Enough has been written and discussed on why people don’t need to buy smartphones with 8 GB of RAM. Now that companies have started coming up with 10 GB variants, things are beginning to become ridiculous. This is because, essentially, the RAM helps with multi-tasking.


However, with the increasing use of apps, smartphone users need more processing power and RAM as well. An average Android smartphone user launches 9 apps every day, and 30 apps in a month, depicts the recent report on Smartphone app usage behaviour. That’s a sizable number.

Besides, the changing nature of apps is also having a huge impact on the hardware specification of a smartphone. Apps are becoming more data hungry and consume more device resources in a bid to provide more personalised experience to its users.

Also, the technology advancement has made smartphones more powerful than ever before. AI, AR, VR and Games need more power to provide a seamless experience to smartphone users.

All this leads us to a need of more powerful devices.

Vishal Kara, head of product at Piriform, (the makers of CCleaner for Android), once said that, “There is no right or wrong to how much RAM a smartphone requires, although RAM plays a big part in how fluid and seamless our smartphone experience is. Unlike PCs, where a few seconds delay in an app loading is acceptable, we expect apps to load instantly on our smartphones even when we’re on the go.”

Oppo is not the first one to raise the bar; Oneplus has employed the similar strategy to woo users. OnePlus 5 was the first smartphone to offer 6GB and 8GB of RAM. Quite recently Samsung joined the race of RAM and introduced Galaxy Note 9 which holds 8GB of RAM under the hood.

Moving Towards A PC Free Era?

Apple once revolutionized the entire world drastically with its introduction of the Personal Computer into the market. People were finally allowed to keep a powerful new machine at home for their own use, something which was considered impossible a while back. And now, with the introduction of 8GB RAM and above in a smartphone, are we actually moving away from the Personal Computer altogether? we think otherwise.

Regardless of how powerful or efficient a smartphone gets, it is ultimately the PC where each and every kind of work is executed. Without a PC, most of the people would be out of jobs as of now. So, there’s still a long way to go before even thinking about doing away with the PC.



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