5G Waves Hits India Afresh – Tech Mahindra Leads The Way!

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5G is not a distant reality anymore! IT major Tech Mahindra is venturing into a platform where it will optimize 5G migrations.

According to reports, Tech Mahindra(NSE: TECHM), a pioneer in the space of digital service provider, and consultancy solutions regarding business and services has lately made this announcement. It is planning to set up a 5G Center of Excellence (CoE) in close collaboration with Intel technology, situated in Redmond, Washington and Bengaluru.

The CoE aims at bolstering up Communication Service Providers (CSPs). These CSPs will optimize the company’s Capital Expenditure (CapEx) on 5G migrations, including the rollout and all the revenue generation techniques for the digital transformation uphill.

The service providers will be subsidized at Tech Mahindra’s Intel-facilitated VNF-Xchange Labs. This initiative will home in on developing 5G virtualized radio access network (vRAN) solutions.

The Intel-facilitated VNF-Xchange, officially now a part of Tech Mahindra, will deliver Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) pre-integration and optimization on Intel architecture-based solutions. This means, by and large, it will be juicing in open standards and open source, and simplification of VNF in a harness of CoSPs.

Achieving the Distant Reality Now:

“We share a common vision with Tech Mahindra of enabling service providers around the world to accelerate the deployment of their 5G networks and roll out new services that are beneficial to our society. By utilizing flexible platforms based on Intel architecture and technologies, Tech Mahindra is helping reduce the time to market for CoSPs and offering a broad choice of agile solutions.” – Caroline Chan, vice president and general manager, 5G infrastructure division, Data Center Group, Intel.

5G networks require data-service centric platforms in order to enhance connectivity as well as bolster shareholders to ensure better decision making. This usher in chances of altering the network’s facilitation of the whole array of digital services being provided.

CoE here will provide support to the emerging technologies that need to be amalgamated into new architectures. Furthermore, this will develop more industry relevant user test cases applicable to the societal spectrum as well.

The Need for 5G Networks:

“We continue to build on our strategic partnership with Intel, collaborating to develop and co-create 5G solutions. 5G as an innovation platform will unlock unprecedented opportunities in every industry vertical.”, said Manish Vyas, President, Communications, Media & Entertainment Business and the CEO, Network Services.

On a quiet contradictory note, the now age-old 4G LTE network isn’t just limited to mobile phones. 5G connectivity which was a distant reality as of now can be counted in as emerging technologies and most importantly, on the basis of the Internet of Things(IoT) devices.

This can be substantiated with a small instance. Suppose, a small installation of 5G in smart cities show its usage in keeping a regulation over the traffic of an area. With a real-time traffic using a 5G enabled technique, checking will be faster and more efficient. This helps in showing even intricate details on the vehicles in any particular area.

5G connectivity can also help industries like healthcare since it provides real-time transfer of high-resolution data, in the field of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

The 5G network spectrum will provide a seamless luxury to use the internet like never before. Additionally, it will also generate a colossal amount of revenue streams for all network operators.

Now, what remains as a sixty four dollar question – Is India ready for 5G?


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