Amazon Hindi Website Aims To Woo The Next Hundred Million Customers in India

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The celebrated eCommerce Giant, Amazon India, today rolled out its first-ever service in Hindi, zeroing in on the next 100 million consumers in the Indian eCommerce space!

As of now, this service is available on Android OS and it is yet to be rolled out on other Apple devices and desktops. This announcement comes ahead of the peak sales season, given the festive spell of India’s retail sector, be it online or offline.

A Strategic Plot

The eCommerce giant Amazon, in a highball of a namaste, ushered in a roar across the country’s half-billion Hindi speakers on Tuesday. And why the brouhaha? Amazon offers local website and apps available in the most coveted language of India. Indian users can opt for Hindi as their preferred language, which apparently comes as simple as ABC.


Amazon’s very first foray into an Indian language is, undoubtedly, one extremely vital move in order to aim India as the next big market and stands crucial to its ambition. According to Census India, with over 52 crore people, Hindi is the most spoken language in India. That’s nearly 44% of total India’s population.

Not behind the curtains anymore, Amazon is already the No. 2 player in India’s $33 billion e-commerce market, with more than 150 million registered users. However, in order to cater to more than half a population and appeal to Hindi speaking customers, it curtailed from thinking that English is solely able. Hence, the language pool trotting! Palpable, yet?

Breaking The Language Barrier:

Amazon’s Hindi site is by far the most visionary trial, aimed basically for the Hindi speaking Indian customers. Before this, there has been a prior attempt at trying a local language version by yet another eCommerce site, Snapdeal. However, the initiative hit a stonewall when people stopped using them in the required quantity.

Moving on the slate further, Amazon has an array of plans for the future. If the Hindi versions of its site go up for runs, then Amazon plans to add options of other major Indian languages, such as Bengali, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. This is made, keeping in regard the dominant regions that lie in the outskirts of the Hindi speaking belt of the country.

The Journey from Being ‘Illegible’ to ‘Successful’ Rollout!

Amazon’s vision for the next five years is to target the next 100 million e-commerce customers and as of now, the eCommerce giant claims to have more than 3,80,000 sellers, ready to sell more than 180 million products.


As we learn, that’s where technologies like artificial intelligence can play a role to convert all the 180 Mn products into the Hindi language, eventually. There needs to be a certain amount of training for the machines before it is able to translate them at scale and high quality – Amazon India Customer Experience and Marketing Director, Kishore Thota

According to Amazon India Vice President, Category Management, Manish Tiwary, Amazon chose Hindi since it is the second widely used language after English in India’s online scenario. Furthermore, he went on to add that given the fact that Hindi speaking users comprise roughly about 50% of the 300 million users of the total 400 million-odd Internet users.

According to a report, by 2021, the Indian language internet users are expected to account for nearly 75% of the total Internet users in India.

Additionally, Amazon is maintaining wariness so as to not make the mistake of being a content translator rather a content generator. Reportedly, a lot of intelligence is put into the translation. An internal team, dubbed as “Reach” is the able-headed, busy-bodied thinktank, working on the acquisition of the next million user.

None of India’s other leading e-commerce portals has a local language version of their app. Clearly, Amazon has got itself an edge, sound and staggering than any other incumbent.


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