Facebook Quarterly Revenue By Segment: Q1 2010 – Q3 2020

The below graph represents the quarterly distribution of Facebook revenue by segment - Advertising, and Payments and Other Fees. During the third quarter of 2020, the social media giant generated its highest-ever revenue from advertising business, amounting to $21,221 million, worldwide. While the payments and other revenue declined.

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The above graph represents Facebook revenue by segment – Advertising, and Payments and Other Fees, starting from Q1 2010 to the recently completed quarter. Facebook revenue in Q3 2020 reached an all-time high of $21,470 million, worldwide. A majority of Facebook’s revenue still comes from its advertising business. Facebook ad revenue in Q3 2020 also hit an all-time high of $21,221 million, with an increase of 22% YoY.

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NoteFacebook fiscal year starts from January 1st

The most important factor driving Facebook advertising revenue growth was the increase in revenue from ads on mobile devices.

Rest $249 million came from Payments & Other Fees, showing a notable 7% YoY decline from the third quarter of 2019.

In its Q2’19 earnings call transcript, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, said that approximately 94% of the company’s total ad revenue came from the Mobile ads.

Facebook Revenue by Segment: History

Surprisingly, in Q4 2018, Facebook revenue from Advertising and Payments & Other Fees hit a new record. The worldwide advertising revenue of Facebook increased from just $654 million in Q2 2010 to $16.6 billion in Q4 2018.

On the other hand, Facebook’s Payments and Other Fees revenue increased to $274 million in Q4 2018, from $193 in Q4 2017. That’s a whopping 42% YoY growth.

However, this was the first time when Facebook witnessed a record year-over-year increase in its revenue from Payments & other services. It was only Q4 2012 and Q4 2014 when Facebook recorded the highest revenue of $256 million and $257 million from its Payments & other services, respectively. From the beginning of 2015, the company’s non-advertising revenue started declining.

It is also important to note that the contribution of Facebook revenue from Payment & other services to the company’s overall revenue is just 1.62%, as of Q4 2018.

Facebook says, their Payments revenue is comprised of the net fee they receive from developers using the Payments infrastructure and the other fees revenue consists primarily of revenue from the delivery of consumer hardware devices, as well as revenue from various other sources.

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