From 500 Million To 1 Billion Rides In Just 1 Year: Uber Seems Unstoppable In India

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Uber needs no introduction in India, we all are well acquainted with this name – because we use it almost every day! The company achieved a major milestone on 31st July 2018, when it completed 1 billion rides in India and South Aisa.

Uber’s 1 billionth trip took place in Bengaluru, the city where almost five years ago it booked its first trip in India. Interestingly, six other simultaneous trips have started at the same time on Uber Go, in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi.

Uber is excited to see the growth in the region, embracing its recent landmark and also aiming to achieve the next 10 billion target soon enough. Pradeep Parameswaran, President of Rides – Uber India and South Asia, spoke about the milestone, revealing the company’s zeal.

“This is a very exciting and significant milestone not just for the India & South Asia region but for Uber as a whole. This 1 billion mark is a testament to the impact that technologies like Uber can make towards redefining the future of urban mobility. As we gear up to deliver the next 10 billion rides in the region, this will continue to inspire our efforts to provide a convenient and affordable ride to millions of riders and stable earning opportunities to millions of driver partners, across multiple modes of transportation.” says Pradeep.

500 Million To 1 Billion Ride: Within A Year

Uber is an applauded brand worldwide, and this is not its first achievement in the recent months. It had recently hit the 10 billion trips mark globally, on 10th June 2018. India seems to have a strategical market for the company, as two trips booked in India, one booked in Allahabad and the other in Delhi NCR, were among the 173 trips made simultaneously to roll past the 10 billion mark.

Uber seems committed to the region and provides users hassle-free and comfortable rides. The results are showing through its exponential growth in the region. The 1 billionth ride came within a year of the organization reaching a milestone of 500 million trips in India and South Asia.

Some Interesting Fun Facts About Uber’s Billionth Rides

  • Till now, 670 million out of the 1 billion rides have been rated, and 480 million out of those trips were as rated 5-star!
  • Moreover, the total distance covered by the 1 billion trips is 11.1 billion kilometres. To make it easy for you to imagine, this distance is the same as travelling to the sun and back 37 times.
  • 75% of the billion trips have been booked on an Android device, whereas 24% have been booked through an iPhone, and the remaining 1% on Windows device.
  • Jaswinder Singh, hailing from Chandigarh, has taken the highest number of trips till date, which is 19,923 trips. He has been driving for Uber since March 2015 and has an overall rating of 4.81 stars.
  • It would be interesting to note that since the launch of UberPool, 200 million kilometres of independent travel has been avoided, 219,797,766 kms to be precise, which has tremendously helped the environment by preventing more than 36,537,000 kg (36,537 tons) of the harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

Fun Facts About the 7 Simultaneous 1 Billionth Trips

  • Out of the seven total trips booked, the shortest trip lasted 1.4 kms, while the longest trip covered 17.4 kms.
  • Bala Raju K, from Hyderabad, one of the seven driver partners on these seven trips, has been driving with Uber since February 2016 and has an overall rating of 4.78!
  • Pavankumar S, also from Hyderabad, was the 1 billionth driver partner with the shortest tenure. He has been driving with Uber since 30th June 2018, with an overall rating of 4.73.
  • The drive partners on these seven simultaneous trips were given an average rating of 4, where 75% of ratings received 5 stars.
  • Not only this, the riders on these seven simultaneous trips were given an average rating of 4.48, where 71% of the ratings were received 5 stars.

Uber currently is worth over $48 billion and with the pace it has presently, a lot more milestones are yet to be crossed! It’s estimated that the global ride-hailing market will grow at a CAGR of 21% by 2023, mainly driven by the increasing popularity of app-based ride-hailing service providers like Uber, Ola, Didi, etc.


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