The duo, as of now, has specified few projects they plan to take up under the agreement, even if they don’t get to a mark of tallying with Amazon Go. Walmart will migrate some of its significant portions to Azure in order to provide a revamped window of the online shopping experience. If this wasn’t something to ring the cheer-bells, the retail giant will build a global IoT platform on Azure which will route thousands of trucks in its supply chain Apparently, this ally between Microsoft and Walmart will enable customers to use its product data to the best frame possible, and that too in ways which will respect and regard user’s data privacy.

Insights Into the Microsoft-Walmart Cloud Deal

Having steered clear of infrastructure and services from its core rival, Amazon, Walmart was stuck between Microsoft and Google’s public cloud offerings. Reportedly, other major retailers, like Kroger and Target, have also cut business ties from AWS servers.

Undoubtedly, this new deal will open resources for test ground, to test Microsoft’s bigger AI ambitions. Nonetheless, whatever stockpile this deal garners, or whether it makes a killing or not – most of the future-facing plans remain behind curtains as of now.