Buying A Used Car Online: Don’t Forget To Check These Elements

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The improving per-capita-income in India hs strengthen the buying power of people in India. This can be seen on a grooming sales of cars, be it new or used one.

Undoubtedly, buying a car is a milestone, whether it’s a used car or a new car, it’s always a big deal. However, it’s not easy to pick a car out of the hundreds of options available in the market today. The decision becomes even more difficult if you are buying a used car. The struggle is real as you need to consider different aspects before you buy a used car.

Here is a quick read to help you buy a used car online in India.


Understand the Fair Price

The used car market is growing by leaps and bounds which means there are endless options to choose from. According to a report, the used car market in India is expected to touch $66 billion by 2022. So, before you make a deal, you need to understand the prevailing prices of used cars in the market.

Today, there are websites which allow you to input whether you are making your purchase from a dealer or a private seller and based on the condition of the car, you can find out the average sales price. These websites help to scout the market and understand the fair price of a car based on the year of manufacture and the mileage of the car. In short, they ensure that you do not overpay for the car.

Run A Vehicle History Report

You need to ask for the vehicle identification number of the car and run a vehicle history report to understand if the vehicle had met an accident before or had any damage due to natural disasters.

Many websites allow you to view the vehicle history report based on the identification number of the car. They may also reveal if the car has a salvage title or if it has been called back by the manufacturer. By doing this, you can save yourself a lot of trouble in the future.

Inspect the Condition of The Car

Th increasing number of road accidents in India is a growing concern, and a majority of these accidents are through cars.


You need to personally inspect the condition of the car and look for any signs of rust or other serious wear and tear. Inspecting the car will help determine the maintenance costs you might have to incur in the future.

Check the condition of the brakes, tires and the hood. If you are unable to inspect the car properly, you can seek the help of a friend or ask a mechanic in your locality.

Check the Documents

After you have carefully inspected the car, you need to check for the documents. Ask for existing insurance papers, registration certificate and the original invoice.

Check if the engine number matches with the chassis number in the registration certificate. Go ahead with the purchase only if the documents are complete and made available to you. 

Take A Test Drive

Whether you are purchasing a new car or a used car, you need to take it on a thorough test drive on small roads as well as on the highway to see how it performs. A test drive will tell you a lot about the performance of the engine at high speed and on entrance ramps.

During the drive, check the pickup of the engine, test the brakes, handbrake and the gear. Listen for any sounds that the car makes and take it as a sign. If it does not make any sound and is smooth to drive, you are making the right choice. If the car is not easy to drive and the engine makes sounds, you need to reconsider your decision.

Additional Precaution You Must Take

Another important factor to consider while buying a used car is vehicle insurance. When you are buying a used car, make sure that it’s insurance is in place. Moreover, focus on getting comprehensive insurance for your car rather than just a third-party insurance cover.

Comprehensive vehicle insurance provides many benefits for both, you as the insured and third parties. It covers for:

  • Lawsuits, including legal fees, brought against you as the result of an accident
  • Bills of car repairs due to damage caused in an accident
  • Damage caused by theft, animal, fire
  • Third-party damages


Hope this used car buying guide helps you make the right decision. Take your own time and scout the market for the best-used car and vehicle insurance.


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