The New Netflix Ultra Subscription Plan Could Spell Bad News For Existing Premium Users!

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After its users in Italy noticed a newly added subscription plan on their screens, the news of Netflix introducing a new section of subscription has become the hot topic for the media enthusiasts.

It’s called the ‘Netflix Ultra’.

TuttoAndroid reported that Netflix is testing a new subscription plan for its users in European countries, called Netflix Ultra. Priced at €16.99 ($19.88) per month, the Netflix ultra is the most expensive plan introduced to date that promises to offers ultra HD videos and audio streaming simultaneously.


What Does It Mean For the Existing Plans?

Before, Netflix was going on about with its three-tier subscription that included the Basic, Standard and the Premium. The Basic is priced at $7.99, allowing the users to use Netflix at one screen at a time without any HD facilities. The Standard priced at $10.99 offers its users the Netflix experience at 2 screens at a time with only normal HD facilities. The Premium is priced at $13.99 and is the most expensive plan that is available throughout the world, offering HD and Ultra HD facilities on 4 screens at a time.

However, in addition to support for Ultra HD, the new Netflix Ultra plan offers the playback of content on four screens at the same time, support for the high dynamic range (HDR) and HD audio. Whereas the Premium plan is limited to just 2 screens at one time.

Netflix Ultra: What For Existing Premium Users?

The new Ultra subscription plan just might not go down well with the already existing Premium users of the Netflix. For, the same facilities would now be available to them at a much higher price. However, the Basic plan has been kept unaltered; the Standard plan may also get reduced to 1 screen at a time. Now, shedding extra Euros for availing the same subscription plan may just force the users to look for other cost-effective platforms, especially those using the Standard and the Premium plans.

All of This For Just A Survey?

Cnet reports after a Netflix spokesperson clarified that all of it may just for getting to know how well the users value Netflix. Maybe, this is why they have restricted the test of the new Ultra subscription to a few selected group countries in Europe. However, the media experts and critics are sure to look at it as a predatory move by the streaming media giant.

It would be to underrate the company’s marketing strategies if we conclude that the new addition to the subscription plans, the Ultra, will not be well accepted by the users. Certainly, the existing users of the Premium and the standard plans are sure to experience a frown or two on their face but it would be juvenile to doubt the loyal customers who crave for the Netflix experience.


The Company has also been very wise to not conduct the mentioned tests of the new Ultra plan in the other countries of the world, especially India that requires an altogether different market strategy, one that is not too harsh on the pockets. However, if Netflix decides to implement this Ultra on a Global scale, there would be possibilities for other streaming platforms such as the Amazon Prime and other local media firms to woo the customers.


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