Amazon Prime Day, Along With Launchpad Ushers in Some Good News For India!

Must Read, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Prime Day Saga continues throwing confetti around, with its recent bulletin – Starting July 16 in India, 18 start-ups from Amazon Launchpad is showcasing about 25 products and services on the e-tailing platform!

The recent press release by Amazon, claims that the red-lettered platform’s annual shopping event is being held in 17 countries, including India and is providing exclusive deals to about 100 million Prime members.

Lest one hasn’t been on the beam with Amazon-blow-hornsAmazon’s Prime Day event, scheduled to kick-off from on July 16, is an exclusive 36-hour celebration which will facilitate Prime members to access exclusive launches, blockbuster deals and entertainment premiers.


Indeed, the cynosure of the whole chronicle here is – Amazon Launchpad. About two years old in the Indian landscape, Prime Day is providing start-ups with an opportunity to parade about with novel products, exclusively to Prime members across the country. Chalking up to the success diaries, Amazon Launchpad has brought over 250 startups on board within a year of its launch.

Amazon Prime Day 2018 Goes Large; More Deals, More Time!

Good news! The online retailing behemoth revealed that Prime Day will run for 36 hours this year, which is six more hours than last year.  Additionally, it is going to expand into new markets, namely Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. In addition to these new country players, previous participants like the U.S., U.K., Spain, Mexico, Japan, India, Italy, Germany, and more will join. This marks the huge unwrap – Amazon defines “more” in 2018.

Hundreds of well-known and emerging brands around the world will participate in “big unboxing” of exclusive items and special-edition products available just for Prime members for a limited time. If one million deals aren’t enough to baffle bright-eyed customers, drooling over products, the list goes long. Users can shop deals across TVs, kitchen, grocery, toys, fashion, furniture, smart home appliances and back-to-school supplies and other every-day essentials. In addition to new categories from home security to Big-screened Echo devices, Amazon devices will display doubled-deals this year.

And just when you think, it can’t get any better – Prime Rewards Visa cardmembers will enjoy double the rewards i.e., 10% back – when shopping at Whole Foods.

Launchpad? Synonymous of Lap of Luxury!

Amazon Inc. embarked upon its global program, dubbed as Launch Pad, towards the end of 2016. Aimed at elevating a platform for start-up products in India, it showcases unique products to millions of consumers, globally.


Amazon Launchpad has been a highly sought-after online destination for the startup hub of our country, in order to pinion a loyal customer base, willing to try innovative products. According to Amazon, Launchpad currently hosts over 30,000 innovative products across nearly 30 product categories.

Given the fact that in a probationary-space like India where there’s uncertainty of demand, it is never a cake walk for start-ups to root in and survive. Again, they have to invest a lot to get started, for instance, sell and market their products. However, Launchpad is able to curb these challenges and facilitate these start-ups to launch fast by using Amazon’s website, and decking it out with targeted marketing and providing global infrastructure.

Amazon Prime Day, LaunchPad and India; Strong Plot!

Amazon rolled-out Prime Day initially, to boost its paid Prime subscribers as well as to keep a check on loyal customer-base. However, the sales event led to a surprising outcome. In 2017, Amazon registered a 60 per cent rise in Prime Day revenues, making it the biggest sales day in the company’s history.

Taking India into the picture, and providing leverage to Launchpad, Amazon has done a great job so far! The Nasscom Startup Report marked over a thousand new startups alone in 2017 which embarks India as third largest of a startup ecosystem with a total of 5200. Amazon Launchpad could be the one to blow trumpets for these budding business pools and spiral them up for a catch in the market.


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