Surprise! Amazon Prime Day In The Mainstream With Envy-Inducing Deals

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Amazon’s speck of a bulletin lands as a surprise! Amazon Prime Day is fast approaching, and although, the dates aren’t official yet, this maybe leaked from sources that it starts at midday on July 16 and right through Prime Day itself on the 17. Inherently so, the company will be seen pushing its own in-house brands with time-sensitive deals and wish-inducing discounts.

There will be millions, if not trillions of deals to choose from. With umpteen products including TVs, laptops, games, consoles, smart home tech, Amazon devices and lots more besides, these deals will be a head-turner(read will-wishlist-item). With the flash-sale deals to savoury prices, there’s a lot of chance to clap hands on the best bargains of the day.

Amazon is up for grabs this time, with more than 80 private brands, up from the 40 brands in 2017. Additionally, this year the digital-retailer boasts of more than 100 million Prime members as of in April.


Amazon Prime Day: The Whole Brouhaha

For people dwelling under rocks for a long time now, Amazon Prime Day is a one-day shopping bonanza, offered exclusively to Prime members. Prime members can glom onto drool-worthy goods at a huge cut-price. This easy-on-the-pocketbook includes household essentials, tech products, fashion apparel and much more.

Last year, Prime Day featured 30 hours of continuous deals for members. The exclusive offer was for users who had Alexa products, which enabled them to access Prime Day Deals two hours before. Some of the top deals included Amazon Echo smart speakers for 50% off and over 50% off on video games; which accounted just the tip of the iceberg.

This year, although the deals have not been released in advance, the last year’s look-book may come in handy. Previous year’s best discounts hint at what may be an offer, this Prime Day.

Amazon In-House Products: Role of Private Brands

The key-note advantage of showcasing private brands is their potential to boost customer loyalty. For instance, producing exclusive items, that are only available through Amazon is the best way to influence and inflict more traffic to Amazon’s base, which will benefit both ways; Profit accounted to the brands, as well as Amazon.

Again, it’s no hush-hush that Amazon’s major priority is the expansion of its private brands, with the introduction of new product lines across every major category, be it clothing or electronics or groceries.


There’s absolutely no denying in the fact that Private label is a big deal for any retailer, to ensure more control on company margins. Costco’s Kirkland Signature, Walmart’s Great Value and Target’s Cat & Jack follow the same success-mantra.  A dedicated private label brand customer will always resort back to the platform for their desired brand, no matter what and this is what Amazon has been construing the whole time. Amazon could use private labels as a way to witness an upsurge in their operating margins.

Is Prime Membership Really Worth The Hype?

This is completely contingent on the times one purchases good. However, for an avid online shopper, Amazon Prime Day is Drool-worthy; a big yes.

Amazon Prime Day is one of the only days of the year when one can literally dime-a-dozen. Plus, they enveloping almost all categories, increases the chance that whatever one has the wishlist, is already on sale. Not to mention, Amazon Prime shopping cart supports free shipping, which again is similar to bought-for-a-song.

The key part of Amazon’s strategy is gaining new Prime members. The reason being, that these customers are more loyal than other shoppers. As per data by Statista, having covered the most loyal demography of customer base, Amazon’s Prime member spends $1,300, while non-Prime members spend $700.

With the rapid expansion, along with private-label, Amazon gestures that it is surely going big.


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