Samsung S10 May Sport Unique Display Type To Keep S Series Breathing

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Recent rounds of leaks surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S10 reveal that Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (KRX:005930) might be planning to implant the Sound Emitting Display on the smartphone. The Display’s prototype was unveiled by Samsung Displays in the Society of Information Displays (SID) 2018, held last month in Los Angeles.

The display panel will help Samsung to boast edge-to-edge display on its upcoming offering without using the infamous notch.

Samsung claims that the display panel uses vibration and bone conduction technology to produce the sound which comes out from a designated area of the screen. As the reports suggest that Samsung will be using a transmission bandwidth of 100-8000 Hz.

Samsung’s Need For the Sound Emitting Display

Samsung might just not need a sound emitting display but will have to inculcate a lot more changes to keep its ship of S series smartphone sailing. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have reported a much lower sales figure than expected. Though the smartphones enjoyed a 2.6% market share, the device was host to many critics stating that there was nothing new if contrasted to Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. Interestingly, the phones were just a notch above the iPhone X which had a market share of 2.3%.

A Little More About the Upcoming Samsung S10

The S10 will also mark the tenth anniversary of the premium S series, and Samsung might follow its rival’s footsteps by launching a trend-setting device.

The device is said to also feature a triple camera setup with 3D recognition technology in addition to the 6.3 inch sound emitting AMOLED display. Speculations reveal that the phone might feature a display of 600ppi (Pixel Per Inch), while the iPhone X sports a display of 458ppi. The Samsung Galaxy S9 packs with it a display of 570ppi. Reports also claim that the phone might be able to achieve a screen to body ration of 93% with the help of sound emitting display. The current S9 plus boasts of 83.6% screen to body ratio.

Sources from the industry also reveal that Samsung might bring the in display fingerprint scanner with the upcoming S series device. Some claim that Samsung might introduce the foldable display it had teased some time ago.

Reportedly, the upcoming S device might also be priced perfectly. That is, we might not get to see a huge jump from the pricing of the current S device.

One of A Kind?

Samsung S10 might not be the only or even the first device featuring the Sound emitting display. Chinese smartphone maker Vivo has announced its latest flagship the Vivo Nex in China. The device manages to achieve a 91.% screen to body ratio by using the sound-emitting display which Vivo prefers to call “Screen Sound Casting technology”. Vivo claims that the technology offers better bass and a softer treble. The device also uses the pop-up camera placement for its front 8 MP camera, the same which we saw in Vivo’s Apex which the company showcased in the Mobile World Congress (MWC), held in Barcelona this February.

LG also uses a similar technology for its Crystal Sound series of OLED and LED TVs. Reports suggest that LG is developing a scaled-down version of the same for its Mobile Phone segment.


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